Pyjamas that will give your child a good night’s sleep

You want your children to have a good night’s sleep. Comfortable pyjamas are more important than you might think. The first step in this is to choose the right material.


Cotton kids pyjamas are the favorite for many. Cotton is moisture-absorbent, heat-regulating and breathable. Very good properties for pyjamas. A disadvantage is that cotton does not retain heat well in a cold environment. Furthermore, cotton can take a beating, but shrinks when it is washed at a high temperature and creases quickly.


Modal consists of super soft, strong fibers. It drapes smoothly and is light. Modal breathes and absorbs no less than 50% more than cotton. There is also more freedom of movement than with cotton or terry cloth. The fabric does not shrink, is colourfast and does not pill with friction. However, the fabric is thin, which could be a bit cold in winter.


Flannel pyjamas have the same properties as one made of modal or cotton. But with the important added value that flannel has a heat-insulating effect. Because it retains heat well, it is ideal for cold winter nights or for when your child is easily cold at night.


Perhaps when you think of polyester, you think of clothing that gets you incredibly hot in it. This applied to the “old polyester” in the 80s. Nowadays polyester breathes a lot better. However, the advice is that with a lot of perspiration at night, it is better to choose pyjamas made of an absorbent material.


With wool pyjamas, the word “warm” may immediately come to mind. Research has shown that people fall asleep faster in woolen pyjamas than in one made of cotton because of the feeling of security. Wool is also an excellent insulator. Although it must be added that not always so much insulation is needed. Wool can get too warm at night and some types can also itch. A solution for this is Merino wool, which breathes best and does not irritate the skin.


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