Put Your Products On Display With Jewelry Display Stands

jewelry displays

Modern jewelry displays are more than works of art. These are very important accessories when looking forward to generating more sales in your retail store. The right display stands will make your items look good for people to notice and buy them. These stands come in different varieties to ensure that all your items stand out. Here are a few display stands to make your items look appealing.

Mannequin stands

These are an attractive and fabulous option to display your precious jewelry. Mannequin stands come in options including hand, bust, and mini forms in chic and stylish designs. These stands present your jewelry beautifully in a captivating and appealing way while enhancing the elegance of your jewelry. The mannequins attract everyone’s sight to give a clear and accurate representation of your items.

Mannequin jewelry stands are ideal for items including bracelets, rings, and necklaces. These stands are enticing to the eyes while showing off your jewelry collection in a dashing and fashionable way. Fortunately, the mannequins are strong and stable while some come with patterns portraying great taste and finesse. The right mannequins will embellish how your jewelry collection is displayed.

Pedestal stand

These jewelry display stands usually includes a large bowl on a thick ceramics leg. You can place this stand on a table or desk to economize space. This stand leaves more flat surface space and exposes your jewelry collection much higher compared to other stands. So, a pedestal stand is the best option to improve the chances of your collection catching clients’ attention. For every business owner, it is important to bear in mind the importance of acrylic displays and how to place them in a way that clients can interact and appreciate what is on display. 

Tree stands

These are projected and constructed to make things a bit complicated. A tree stand lacks a simple rotating rack to imitate a real tree. Capturing its branches and leaves makes putting jewelry on is not so easy as expected. Fortunately, this jewelry stand can hold as much pierces as you can. The sophistication of this stand transmits a modern and classier vibe.

This stand has a tray beneath offering additional space for putting on items including on the branches. The best thing about this stand is its artistic and creative appeal. This will entice any customer who sees it for the first time. Your store will get a fancier feel while looking more sophisticated.

T-bar stands

Everybody thinks about these when thinking about jewelry stands . This regular stand has been modified over time. A T-bar stand is made from various materials including textiles with thick or skinny arms either short or long. This determines the type of jewelry to place on this type of stand. A stand with thick arms is ideal for only necklaces and bracelets although one with skinny arms can hold rings. This jewelry stand is very easy to use since it lacks any hidden mechanism.

Dress form stands

These are the most elegant made of a ball gown dress on a lady-like form. Dress form stands have a removable and revolving rack top. The form keeps any jewelry organized and in a stable position to make customers look at them easily or to put them pack. These stands have a tiny size that allows placement anywhere while looking cute.

Dress form stands create a cozy and lovely ambiance with an option to select the colors of your choice. This allows matching your interior décor and other decorations. You can even use dress form stands as simple decoration for your store without placing jewelry on them. These stands are eye-catching enough to live up to your atmosphere.

Rack stands

The stands in this category come with special handlers made out of various materials including wood, boxes, and regular everyday objects. These are a good option for a startup store without much to spend on displays. You can even make these stands yourself to impress others with their uniqueness. Opting for this kind of stand offers an option to make your own.

Stand hangers

These jewelry stands come in various models however, one can come with a leg with a revolving top. Other models usually look like pieces of furniture with some Eastern Europe appeal. All the stand hanger models offer appropriate space for organizing your jewelry collection . These displays don’t come in large to allow placement on shelves of flat surfaces.

Luckily, there are no restrictions on the number of pieces to place on these stands. This allows customers to see everything in your store. These stands are more appropriate when having a lot of jewelry with similar features. The good thing is that hanger stands have various paintings and motifs to enhance the appeal of your store décor.


The success of your jewelry store will depend on your choice of displays. Ensure to choose the right display stand that will make your jewelry collection stand out. A reputable retail supplies store will have a range of display stands to make your items more eye-catching.

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