Purse Raincoat for your handbags by CloverSac

A purse raincoat for handbag may sound like the craziest thing you heard so far but you will be surprised to learn that raincoat for handbag is not something new. The fact is rain water can be very damaging to your handbag. If not cleansed properly it may leave permanent water spots on it. That explains why all Hermes birkin handbags come with a rain cover. If you don’t a Birkin but like to own a raincoat for your handbag as well, you can consider buying the purse raincoat from CloverSac.


Purse raincoat is the latest collection of product by CloverSac to help to waterproof your handbags from rain and snow. Made from PEVA which is the same material used for umbrella, CloverSac’s purse rain cover act as raincoat for your handbag.To seal the top opening, you just need to seal the Velcro so that only your purse handles are exposed.

Best of all, the entire raincoat folds into itself and condenses into a small pouch for easy storage.
To find out more about purse raincoat by CloverSac, please visit www.cloversac.com.


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