Proven ways to monetise your blog

In the years that I have been blogging, I have regularly received questions about money and blogging. Some wonder how you can earn money with it, while others think you can become a millionaire in no time. And now that more and more bloggers seem to be earning a good income from their blog and receiving paid blogging jobs, the question is how do they do it? Here are some ways bloggers earn money.

1. Google ads

In my opinion, placing Google ads is one of the most accessible ways to make money. The idea is simple: you rent out advertising space on your website, where advertisements are then placed via the AdSense network. You are somewhat limited what ads will be shown but you can indicate wha type of ads you don’t want to display. As soon as a visitor clicks on your advertisement – whether or not he buys something – you earn something with it. How much that differs per advertisement; that again depends on the value of the advertisement. If you have a blog in a very specific niche, then chances are that Google will put your advertising space up a little more per click.

2. Join blogging networks

If you are looking for paid blogging jobs. You should start joining blogging networks such as Get Blogged, Activate Blog Loving and Collectively. You could find a lot of options to do sponsored posts. These are posts that are written by the blogger himself, but for which there is a fee (either in product or in money). With a sponsored post you have – more than with the advertorial – the opportunity to express your own opinion about something. In addition, you have more options for actually linking a post to your blog and your target group. Promoting other peoples products is one of the  interesting ways to monetize blogging. 

I only register for campaigns in which I really see something and which I could have written about without compensation. The same applies to products; if I have any doubts about how enthusiastic I can be about it, I will let it go. That way I don’t have to hurt myself and still make sure I have a good time. Moreover, there is certainly enough left over – certainly with a little creativity.

3. Affiliate marketing

Contrary to what many people think, affiliate marketing is not a pyramid scheme or scary system where the customer ultimately pays the bill. Affiliate marketing is the system whereby companies with a product or service partially outsource their marketing to others. Bloggers can sign up for a partner program and receive commission.

4. Online courses or eBooks

A lot of bloggers nowadays offer online training, courses and eBooks. Sometimes free, but very often for a certain amount. Super smart of course, because such courses are relatively easy to set up and scalable to infinity. With a nice automated system, you set things up once and after that it’s a matter of keeping your information up-to-date and promoting everything.

What is your favourite blogging network and how do you make money blogging?

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