Professional Cleaners in Perth: Your Home’s New Best Friend

If you have been thinking about hiring a professional cleaner for your home in Perth, then we’re here to inform you of all the details!

Many Australian homeowners think cleaning services are exclusive to the wealthy, but this is false. With adequate research, there are plenty of affordable services that can do wonders for your home.

Hiring a cleaner can be daunting if you’ve never done it before, so we have made some excellent points to consider below:

  • It makes it easier to work from home.
  • You can come back from the grocery store and not have to worry about scrubbing out the fridge or wiping down surfaces.
  • Your house will be clean when guests visit.
  • You’ll never feel guilty again about the messes in your home when they’re someone else’s responsibility!

Let’s discuss how much to expect from a Perth cleaner and the factors that can influence this price.

Hourly Rates in Perth

On average, professional Cleaners in Perth will charge $27.53 per hour for their services. This is great news if your home is decently sized and doesn’t take too long to clean!

Most cleaners take 2 hours to clean a 2 bedroom house and 3 hours to clean 3 bedrooms, so you can expect to pay approximately $54 to $75 for a thorough clean. However, this price is just a guideline, and often, a cleaning service will opt for a flat rate if cleaning tasks are complex or require specialized equipment.

Here are four factors that affect the cleaning cost of your home:

Cleaner’s Experience Level

Cleaning services in Perth are often worth paying for when they have a high amount of experience. Homeowners inexperienced in cleaning will typically make mistakes, like using the same rag to clean different surfaces or washing their clothes with a dirty washing machine.

A cleaner cleaning houses for several years, meanwhile, is more likely to know what needs to be done, how much time it will take and the right products/equipment needed to get your home sparkling again!

You should also ask about their experience level when interviewing cleaners for your job, along with:

  • What is their method?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they use safe household cleaning products? – Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals which can be toxic for the human body.
  • What guarantee can you provide if I’m not happy with their service?

Asking the right questions ensures you’re getting a comprehensive service that is worth the price. Choosing a reliable cleaning service can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be if you do your research!

Scope of Work

Not all house cleaning jobs will be the same, as some will be more complex and time-consuming than others. Before hiring a cleaner, it’s best to discuss the scope of work with them and what you want to do.

If tasks are complicated or require specialized products/equipment, make sure this is included in their price. This will help avoid any surprises when they arrive onsite. Your rate can change depending on whether or not they need specialized equipment such as:

  • Large Cleaning Machines
  • Disinfectants/Sanitizers
  • Specialized Tools (ie: steam cleaners)
  • Microfiber Cloths & Mops

All these factors play an essential role in making sure that your house is completely sanitized and spotless! A professional company may even offer some extras such as wall washing, window washing and oven cleaning, making their rates higher but well worth the extra cost.

Home Size

As mentioned earlier, a larger home will require more time to clean so that the required rate will be higher. This isn’t always true, though, as some cleaners may charge a flat rate no matter what size house they are working on!

A larger home will typically contain more furnishings, carpets, appliances and other items that need to be cleaned. This will result in more time for a cleaner to do their job properly, so it’s nothing personal!

However, if your home is gigantic, a cleaning company may provide a rate determined by square footage. This pricing method is based on your home’s square footage, which is calculated by multiplying each room’s length by its width.

Whether or Not You Have Pets

If you have pets, this may increase the time it takes to clean your home. Dogs and cats typically leave dirt and hair behind on furniture and rugs if they spend a lot of time outside – so be sure to state whether or not you own any furry friends!

A cleaning service will charge an extra fee for homes with pets as they require additional equipment such as:

  • Pet Odor Neutralizer (for pet urine stains)
  • High-Quality Microfiber Cloths (to pick up hair more effectively)
  • Pet Hair Roller (for large areas of hair)

Cleaners also need to be experienced and have the expertise to tackle those pesky pet odors. If your preferred candidate doesn’t have the necessary experience then it’s best to find someone else.

You should also use a specialist company that uses only pet safe cleaning products. This is to ensure your home doesn’t smell like a kennel, but instead smells fresh and clean for you and your family/friends to enjoy!

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