Products Best Suited For Cleaning Headlights


Your vehicle’s headlights are among the most important safety features on your car or truck. After all, without them, you wouldn’t be able to see and be seen at night or during heavy weather. Sometimes, headlights get dirty, making it harder to see clearly. Cleaning them is relatively easy if you have the right products. So, what are the right products?

How To Clean Your Car or Truck Headlights

The process and products for cleaning your headlights depend a little on how dirty they are. In some cases, simply washing the headlight with some car soap and water then drying carefully is enough to get them looking great.

In other cases, you may have cloudy headlights. These require a slightly more in-depth process and a few more products. Start by cleaning the headlights as described above:

  1. Tape the Outside: Using painter’s tape, cover the paint around the outside of the light.
  2. Sand: Using 1000-, 2000- then 3000-grit wet sandpaper, sand the light.
  3. Polish: Using some headlight polishing compound, polish the lights. Then, wax them with automotive wax.
  4. Seal: Apply a UV sealant to the headlight.

You can often find these items packaged together in kits. They are available almost everywhere you can buy car parts online. Of course, you can also buy them all separately if you prefer.

How Buying Car Parts Online Is Saving People Time

Many people enjoy shopping for their car parts and tools online. This is a great way to save yourself time versus going to the store. First, you can order for delivery to your house. Doing so will save you from ever having to drive to the store to get your parts.

If you are in more of a rush, consider ordering your parts for curbside pickup. If, for example, you ordered replacement headlight bulbs, you would only need to arrive in the parking lot of the store and call in with your order number. Someone would bring the bulbs out to your car.

Shopping online is also easier than browsing in stores. First, you don’t have to worry about the store having the item in-stock (plus, many less-common items aren’t even carried in stores). Second, you can just search for what you want rather than having to look for it or ask an associate.

What Type of Replacement Headlight Bulbs Suit Your Car

If you want to also replace your headlight bulbs when you are cleaning your headlights, you will need to order the right parts. To do this, the easiest option is to go to a website such as AutoZone. There, you can filter by the year, make and model of your car. This will help you find the headlight bulbs that will work for you.

Maintain Your Car or Truck Today

Keeping your car or truck clean and in good working order can help you save money and protect your investment. Learning a few maintenance tasks such as how to replace headlight bulbs is a good idea too. Learn more today and see what you can achieve with a few auto parts and tools.

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