PRODUCT REVIEW: Protect your Eyes from Harmful Blue Light with PROSPEK Sexy Eyewear


Did you know that the blue light emanating from  your electronic devices such as your iPhone, iPad, laptop, even your light bulbs can harm the quality and quantity of your sleep? Not only that but it can lead to a number of ailments such as depression, obesity, cancer, even blindness. Yes, studies suggest that continued exposure to blue light over time could lead to damaged retinal cells and cause vision problems like age-related macular degeneration. So what’s the solution? I’ve seen those goggles on the market and they are ugly, and no fashionista would be seen alive wearing them. That is until I was introduced to PROSPEK glasses from the SPECTRUM Collection. I love those glasses. They are sexy, stylish and really soothes my eyes, especially when I work late at night.

The Spektrum Collection offers in-fashion stylish frames with lenses that filter 50% blue light blocking and a 99% blue light blocking. The 50% come in a clear lens while the 99% have a darker yellow lens.

The Collections features styles to suit  the entire family. Men, women, teens and kids can all protect their eyes with frames designed specifically for them.

Between classic Artic, bohemian Artist, minimalist Dynamic, sporty Wayfarer for men and women, Cat Eyes with attractive small gold accents for the woman who likes a retro look, Kids ­ Action Jr., Kids ­ Movie Star Jr.

Do you wear prescription glasses? Prospek has Clip-on with 50% and 99% light blocking.

And if blocking blue lights and looking terribly sexy wasn’t enough, every pair of retro eyeglasses comes with:

Coating that Blocks 100% of UVA & 100% of UVB Rays

Anti-Scratch Coating: so a scratch never gets in the way of work or play

Anti-Reflective Coating: eliminating eye strain often caused by yellow tinted and cheaply made low blue light glasses

Anti-Screen Flicker & Anti-Glare Coating:  Because the last thing you need is a headache!

Anti-Fog Coating: A micro-thin coating to prevent your blue blocker glasses from fogging up, indoors and out.

Fingerprint Resistant Anti-Oil Coating: Because smudges on your glasses might just be the #1 cause of accidental texts and emails

Plus Electromagnetic Ray Blocking Glasses Coating so you don’t send your eyes spiraling toward related disease, like eye cancer and cataracts.

My favorite pair is the Cat Eyes. It frames my face perfectly and has made working late at night in front of the computer, that much easier. The pair looks so good that I don’t even want to take them out!

Interested in your pair of Prospek? Go to the shop where they are available for purchase.


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