Prince & Baron a premium bespoke tailoring brand from British Heritage empowers men to dress sharp

bluePrince & Baron is a premium bespoke tailoring brand for professional men from British Heritage. They provide you with a dedicated stylist who works with you to develop perfectly crafted clothing that exudes and refines your personal style, craftsmanship like nothing else. What I appreciate about Prince & Baron is their superior quality and attention to detail. The way they balance conservativeness and professionalism while adding a touch of fashion clearly distinguishes them from traditional tailor. Besides that you have total control over the fabric used, the features and fit. Because of the close tie with Harvard, Princeton and Wharton Alumni clubs, most of Prince & Baron’s clients are business executives, bankers, politicians and lawyers.

Each individual is unique in terms of personality, body shape and lifestyle. Off-the-rack clothing may not reflect an individual’s personal style or provide flattering lines that contour the body. At Prince & Baron, we are committed to develop clothes that are perfectly crafted to reflect your unique personality.

Prince & Baron developed their own unique five step cutting technique to provide the best shape. This technique requires more than a thousand cuts for each suit. Expect expert advice, personal attention, superior quality and a bespoke suit completely original and unique with a perfect fit.   blue2 


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