Preparing For Next Year’s Prom? These are the Hottest Trends for 2016


Prom dress style trends for 2016 have hit runways, fashion magazines, and haute couture designer portfolios a little earlier this time around. As a result, this is a massive opportunity to get a leg up on next year’s prom early.


Image by Bob n Renee via Flickr

It is never too early to start window shopping online and offline for a prom dress. Prom night is probably the most important night for a teenage girl, and if your prom night is in 2016, this list will help ensure you look hot enough to melt the ice cubes at the refreshment table!

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  1. Crop Tops

For 2016 prom night, the crop top is currently the top, hottest trend for prom dresses this year –even beyond prom night; any formal or semi-formal event is going to have plenty of crop top dresses on display. So if you’ve got a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) syndrome, you might want to consider wearing a crop top dress on prom night 2016.

Crop tops accentuate your abs, so it’s great that these trends have launched early –you have plenty of time to work on your tummy!

  1. Illusion

The second hottest trend hitting prom fashions in 2016 are illusion prom gowns. An illusion prom gown is put together with a clear mesh, which appears to look as though it is a second skin, and is invisible to the naked eye.

Sheer mesh illusion fabric is most commonly used around the neck line, the back, and strategically placed panels along the skirt to show off a little bit of leg.

  1. Prints and Polka Dots

Prints and polka dots borderline on that vintage look, and because vintage clothing is always in style and fashion designers know what sells –2016 is set to be full of print looks and polka dots.

Image by Lukasz Dunikowski via Flickr

Image by Lukasz Dunikowski via Flickr

Some of the hottest prom dress printed fabrics include floral designs, polka dot patterns, and solid vibrant colors. Basically, these popular prom dresses for 2016 look like anything you might find in Katy Perry’s wardrobe.

  1. Simple Chiffon

Simple chiffon gowns are as gorgeously dapper as they are timelessly authentic. From Marilyn Monroe to Scarlet Johansson, simple chiffon gowns have been gracing high society events since before cameras existed. And the vintage look is getting noticed by modern fashion designers, once again.

Pale shades from mint green or light blue to ivory are popping up on fashion runways all over the world.

  1. Mermaid

Good news for young teen ladies who want to go long and flowing; Mermaid prom dresses 2016 are hot! Mermaid dresses are sure to show off those curves and make the boys swoon.

Image by Mitch via Flickr

Image by Mitch via Flickr

Mermaid dresses that are popular this year come in a variety of looks: one strapped dresses, strapless, or halter.

  1. Lace

Lace will always be a prom night fashion mainstay –it will never go out of style. And rightly so; it gushes with class, sophistication, and it is incredibly sexy. If lace is your thing, consider trying on a lace trimmed prom dress, or go full on lace with a lace fabric prom dress.

Lace varies from sweet to sexy, and it is not hard to combine the two into one powerful look for prom night 2016.

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