Premium-Quality Leather Bags: A Must-Buy for Smart Shoppers

leather bags

There are many compelling reasons why you should choose the BESSIE HIDE brand! The new trademark for fashionable leather bags typifies quality, durability and elegance in its variety of products.

It’s not enough to look for something which a retail shop hypes as leather and pay a fortune for the merchandise. Opt for full-grain leather just like the Bessie Hide bags. This is from the toughest part of the animal’s hide which is just beneath the hair. It’s dubbed as “full-grain” because of its tightness which can withstand moisture to a great extent. The material looks nice and develops a shiny surface because of repeated touching.

leather bags

Full-grain leather is not polished or sanded to preserve the natural appearance of the hide. It bears scratch marks right on the surface. Only the most proficient craftsmen can work with this kind of excellent-grade leather.

This is not to say that top-grain leather is bad. Yet, Bessie Hide goes for up-to-the-minute full-grain leather bags since it values excellence that the shop’s customers truly deserve.

For one, Bessie Hide handmade bags are endorsed and used by numerous famous personalities who place emphasis on a combination of beauty and resilience. Hand-crafted products are meant to endure a whole lifetime compared to machine-manufactured goods. These are produced carefully and patiently by experts. The leather bags from Bessie Hide are made with lots of love, passion, imagination and attention to details. You cannot expect this from volume merchandise made by machines.

leather bags

The prices of Bessie Hide limited edition bags are competitive. Prices are really affordable compared to other top of the line brand names. For example, the duffel bags (Black, Chestnut and Saddle Tan) are priced economically at $180 without compromising quality and sturdiness. The same applies for laptop bags and backpacks.

The creators of Bessie Hide adhere to simple but ingenious patterns and designs. All their leather bags are carefully made by experienced in-house artistic specialists.  The company was founded by two frequent travelers who discovered the beauty of leather-made products and why these should be the primary choice of fashion-buffs.

Waste no time! Browse through the website of Bessie Hide at for more information.

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