PPC Ad Copy – 4 Ways to Improve ROI for Your Business!

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One of the most essential parts of Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns is the creation of the ad copy. PPC ads are profitable if they are correctly done by skilled experts. However, if you do not have the right copy ad, you could be wasting your time.  If you want your PPC campaign to click, you need to ensure that you have a great ad copy. Though for some, writing a copy ad is an easy affair, this is not so simple as you may think. Even the best of content writers finds it hard to write a good ad copy for your PPC campaign. Experts in the field say that in order to make your ad copy catch the attention of the audience, you first must know what they want and how they can find value in your advertisement.

How do you create the ad copy that makes you stand out?

What you choose to write your ad copy impacts its performance for your business. If you are a new business owner who wishes to create a brand presence in the niche market, it is prudent to hire good PPC experts to manage the campaign for you. There is a difference between search engine optimization and PPC. With the right experts, you can understand this difference and get effective results for your PPC advertisement with success.

4 Tips for creating a good ad copy that attracts the targeted audience in the market

The ad copy plays a crucial role in making your PPC campaign stand out. You should ensure that you include all the information you can into the space to add value to your advertisement. In case you still fall short of some characters to write, you should think of some extra details to include. You should include your ad extensions and display URLs. Note that when you are displaying the URL on the ad copy, you do not have to use the same URL that web visitors will land on. The major purpose of the URL is to display to the visitor the type of page they are about to see. PPC experts say that if you really wish to get a good response, you should create a custom URL as this is a prudent move. Using ad extensions is another good way of getting more response in search results. However, you should never rely on them completely to carry your message across as Google does not guarantee that these ad extensions will show up whenever the ad is displayed.

Keep in mind the following four tips-

  1. The need to set yourself apart from your competitors

You should make your advertisement stand apart from your competitors. Note that the ad space is not sufficient for you to pitch what sets you apart from your audience so ensure that it comes down to good text that invites your visitors to click on the link to find out more. The following are some helpful questions that you can ask yourself-

  • What makes your business stand out from the others in the industry?
  • Have you been the winner of any awards?
  • Are you making offers or running special sale campaigns?
  • What is special about the image of your brand?


  1. Going local


Most people trust local businesses over large corporations they do not know. It is wise to list your location in your ad so that people can approach you comfortably. In case you have different business locations; you should set up a separate PPC campaign for them in different geographical locations and use location-specific terms for every campaign. When you are using phone numbers, it is prudent to use local numbers instead of phone numbers that start with 800 in all of your PPC ads.


  1. Make your calls to action strong and creative


If you check your call to action, does the phrase “Call Now” invoke the urgency to call?  Maybe not. Instead of you embracing clichés that are old and worn out now, think of something powerful and creative when it comes to inserting your Call to Action in the advertisement. You understand what your customers need, so use a Call to Action that appeals a bit more to the targeted audience. You can use strong verbs like “Join, Save, Get, etc. for your ads. Experts from esteemed companies like https://siteimprove.com/en-us/ads/ppc-management/ states that when you are creating the call for action for your advertisements for a new business, rely on experienced PPC experts with proven track records in the field.  These experts will guide you on how to create a powerful call to actions that work.


  1. Evaluate your PPC ads frequently

If you really wish to see an improvement in your advertisements, make sure you test them regularly for performance. The more information you collect, it becomes easy for you to spot the patterns that do not work, and in this way, you are able to make adjustments to your strategy. Do not trust your intuition only when you are in any PPC campaign; you need to do some research so that you can make informed choices and decisions better. The following are some modifications you can make to your PPC advertisements when you check them-

  • Place the call to action in different locations of the ad
  • Compare the different call to action buttons and see which one is working better
  • Experiment with different statistics and numbers with your ads
  • Try different kinds of display URLs
  • Highlight the benefits of the product or service that stand out in the crowd.

When it comes to creating an ad copy for PPC advertising, even the best of writing experts may get into a writer’s block. Note that creating the perfect PPC is more of art over science. However, the good news is with practice, time, and practice, you can write PPC ads faster in order to get effective results from them. Note that in order to get the desired results for PPC marketing for your business, always use the best practices and see how your targeted audience reacts.



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