Powerspin, help tone and shape your arms, abs and shoulders!

A remarkably efficient (and fun) exercise product aimed specifically to help women tone and shape their arms.


Powerspin Box

Powerspin is a unique and fun new isometric fitness device designed specifically to tone and shape women’s arms.

A precision steel ball revolving rapidly inside an infinity tube provides powerful isometric resistance to completely engage your upper body and core muscles.

Grasp your Powerspin and you’ll feel it working immediately. The faster you spin, the harder it works – each spin tightening your muscles within seconds; your arms will feel firmer, your back and shoulders toned, your abs solid – Powerspin is extremely efficient and will set your muscles burning in less than 20 seconds; how long you use it and how fast you spin is determined only by your own fitness level and anaerobic capacity but visible results are 100% guaranteed.

Simple to pick up and use for everyone, your arms and abs just won’t know what hit them.


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