Positive Thinking: Harness the Power of Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals

Positive Thinking

It seems like we have more opportunity than ever before to pursue our wildest dreams, shape our realities and achieve our life goals. But sometimes freedom of choice can feel a little overwhelming; we can become daunted by the volume of opportunities available, which can then lead to negative thought patterns, feelings of discouragement and anxiety issues. When having it all becomes an option, living up to that ideal can become a burden rather than a blessing.

So, how do we harness the powerhouse that is the human mind and make sure it’s working for us rather than against us? Positive thinking, reconnecting with ourselves and practicing helpful techniques can all go a long way toward overcoming any mental hurdles. Let’s look at some of the ways you can introduce positive thinking into your lifestyle, and therefore, ensure that you stay on the path to success.

First, checking in with yourself, your goals and wants and needs in life, is essential if you want to establish a sense of where you’re headed. Take some time to sit and work out what you want to achieve within a loose time frame. Set goals and invest a little time each day into working toward them, whether that means acting, reevaluating or reflecting on how far you’ve come already. This way, when you tick a goal off your list, however small, you will feel a sense of achievement that will spur you onward to accomplish more.

Speaking of reflection, self-reflection can be a useful skill to use as you start to progress. You could do this by taking a solitary walk or a quiet moment to sit alone and think over things. You might find it easier to write everything down in a journal or record it verbally using the voice note app on your phone. Whichever way works for you, make time for this task as it is what leads to development, the identification of areas to work on, as well as those you have already completed or resolved. Self-reflection allows you to take stock of the path you’re on and work out whether you need to continue or adjust your course.

Sometimes our subconscious mind will give us a nudge in the right direction. Online poker player Jan-Mikael “Kesjan” Kesänen saw his dreams come true when he won big two days after dreaming about the event. A dream about winning money can indicate that success and prosperity are just within reach; take this as a prompt to work harder and as a little confidence boost to spur you on. Psychoanalysts such as Freud and Jung assigned great importance to dreams and the work of the subconscious; you should pay attention to your own and listen to what it’s trying to tell you. Usually, it’s making a good point!

Focus and visualization can prove helpful by encouraging you through the difficult times. If you’ve taken the time to set achievable goals and regularly reflect on your progress toward them, then it makes it easier to focus on the task at hand. Learning how to phase out “background noise” to get down to business will make you far more productive in the long run. It is a well-documented fact that visualizing yourself achieving those goals boosts your confidence and makes success more likely. In other words, fake it “until you make it!”

Photo by Matheus Bertelli, CC0

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