Posh Brats, natural animal friendly bath and skincare products

ambre-antique-soap-7056-p[ekm]337x420[ekm]Posh Brats are a brand that offer health and beauty products with a difference. One of the best things about Posh Brats is that they don’t just say they’re different – they really are! All of the products that they sell are animal friendly (not even the raw ingredients have been tested on animals) and everything is made with natural ingredients. On top of that they make some unusual and unique scents and blends to help them really stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking for a new skin care regime or you simply want to try out some new bath products, it is nice to know that you have a choice of products to use. Posh Brats have recently extended all of their product lines to offer a larger range of options for each of their products. Those familiar with Posh Brats will know that they offer a whole host of different products including body scrubs, bath bombs, body butters, skin care and more. Keen to make sure that they cater to the needs of all of their customers they are constantly looking at ways to expand their product ranges and add new products.

The lady behind the brand, Brittany De Staedtler comes from a cosmetic chemist background, so you can be sure that she really knows what she is talking about! Her passion is natural products and she wanted this to carry through to Posh Brats. When you shop with Posh Brats you can be sure you’re getting animal friendly natural products that have been sourced and made within the UK.

Brittany De Staedtler, founder of Posh Brats said: When I created Posh Brats I wanted to put my background to good use and offer consumer’s products that they really wanted. I really enjoy creating new products and putting together new blends for the cosmetics that I create. 


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