Pointers On How Best To Store And Use Essential Oils

essential oils

Essential oils have so many uses and a little can go a long way. However, as many of us only use small incremental amounts at a time. How do we ensure our oils are stored well for long term use.

#1. Reduce instances of air contact with our essential oil.


Essential oils tend to break down fast when they come into contact with air. To prevent this breakdown, don’t leave bottles of essential oil open for long periods. The same care should be taken when making your recipes.


#2. Storage of oil should be done in small blue or amber glass jars.


Whenever you open the jars containing essential oil, you lose some of its potency to the air. With this in mind, you should use small jars to store the oils as this will reduce any loss to the minimum. To achieve this, you either buy the essential oil in small portions as opposed to buying in bulk or divide the large quantity into small portions.


You can get the small jars through Amazon gift cards to reduce the cost of purchasing.


#3. Do not store essential oils in plastics.


Some essential oils break down plastics. In this regard, when you make an essential oil recipe as a DIY project, make certain you store the content in glass jars and not plastic jars. You can reuse small glass jars that are used to pack some of the items that you commonly use.


For instance, you can use the glass jars that come with maple syrup and the jars that come with vinegar. While improvising, you should replace the lids with spray caps. Alternatively, you can reuse any empty bottles that you purchased past essential oil with.  Place them in an essential oil carrying case so they are neat and together.


#4. Do not use the essential oils past their shelf life.


Due to the interaction with the environment, essential oils lose their potency after some time. Always make a point of smelling the oil before using them. When using the essential oils for health and or skin care purposes, the oils should have a fresh smell.


If you sense a dilution of their smell or a rancid smell, you should not use them. Oils with diluted smell should be used for cleaning while oils. Rancid-smelling oils should not be ingested or use as a skin care product. Here is a good guide.


#5. Store the fast disintegrating oils in the fridge.


Fast disintegrating oils include citrus, lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit essential oils. They tend to oxidize considerably faster than any of the other oils. Therefore, you should store them in the fridge to keep the oxidation process at bay.


#6. Purchase only high-quality essential oils.


Quality is an important aspects essential oils to have in mind. In this regard, do not purchase diluted oils. Some vendors dilute essential oils with carrier oils to reduce the cost. The quality of the oils is in turn diluted as well. Additionally, carrier oils tend to go rancid significantly faster than any other oils, therefore, causing the oils to go bad very fast.


#7. Dispose of the essential oil properly.


Whenever you realize that a bottle of essential oil has gone bad, do not pour its content down the drain, or in a composite pile or a worm pile. The oils, though bad, are still potent and will disturb the environmental equilibrium fond in the composite and worm pile. Read the essential oils guide.


Alternately, you should pour rancid oils on pathways or wooden chips. The strong scent will dissipate fast due to oxidation.

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