Planning Your Wedding for Summer 2021 A Guide

Effective vaccines are now being announced, rolled out, and mass-produced across the world. This means that the menace of the coronavirus is soon to be a footnote in the history of the twenty-first century, and we’re all able to resume our lives. Few people will be as relieved as the millions of couples across the world who had weddings planned for 2020 and who felt forced to postpone them until they could enjoy the company of friends and family on their big day. This article shows how you can plan that exciting and long-awaited wedding in 2021.

Looking at Locations

The first part of your planning should be consulting with locations and venues. There will be hundreds of wedding venues in your local area – all of which will have their unique selling points, including incredible buildings, marvelous nature, and historical ties to the local area. It’s up to you and your partner to come down to a location that you think will suit your plans.

Most city-dwellers prefer to take their wedding a little outside the city – to a venue that’s peaceful and romantic. If this is the option, you’d prefer, consider looking at beautiful areas of nature around you – and find venues in these areas. For instance, Adelaide dwellers will love this Adelaide Hills wedding venue – surrounded by views, trees, and the comforting silence of nature.

Guests and Invites

It’s been a year during which we’ve seen our friends and family less than ever. It’ll feel odd planning a wedding, with potentially hundreds of guests, that will gather so many of your loved ones under one roof – after being so paranoid and aware of the dangers of doing just this during the pandemic.

The advice here is to plan a date and an invite list that accommodates the likely application of a worldwide vaccine to the coronavirus. If you use gmail for email service provider, you can easily send everyone a mass email that looks like it was sent individually. If you plan a wedding for March 2021, for instance, it’s likely that your older or more vulnerable guests might not have been immunized in time – meaning that they might not turn up. To be safe, choose late summer in order to have all your guests show up for your big day.


This has been a terrible year for the wedding industry. We’ve read it in the news, and we’ve heard it from workers who usually busy themselves preparing and servicing weddings each and every weekend. And while their economic hardship deserves a pause for thought, the result for you and your partner will be reduce booking rates and cost savings – as wedding providers look to bring in the cash to keep them afloat in 2021.

Make sure, when you’re signing an agreement to work with a wedding partner, that you include something in your contract that stipulates what will happen in the event of a further virus outbreak – or in the event that the firm you go with collapses and is unable to service your wedding. Look to save cash – and protect your wedding investment – when making important bookings.

Having your wedding delayed will have filled you with negatively and forlornness. But this article is about getting excited again for your wedding in 2021 – after the administration of a global vaccine for the coronavirus.

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