Planning Your Family Weekend Escape A Short Trippers Guide

It’s been a long year, both empty of events and full of them – with our eyes glued to the news more than ever, and yet very little happening in our personal lives. Plans have been canceled this year, and events are postponed. Families have been trapped indoors for weeks and months at a time, and vacations have been canceled, pending refunds. This article looks at the first break-out escape you’ll be able to perform with your family – a weekend getaway that you’ll be able to pull off without breaking COVID restrictions in your area.

Keeping Safe

As with all family trips in the current climate, you need to make sure that you’re going somewhere that your family can be sure that people’ll not surround you. This means that you’re looking for a destination that’s slightly ‘out in the sticks’ – and you’ll be looking to stay somewhere that’ll be as safe as possible. Whether this means heading into nature and camping or getting to your destination in your car instead of on an airplane, you should plan a short trip that doesn’t involve a great deal of exposure to other people this winter.


Planning your accommodation is a huge part of planning your short trip. If you’re looking to get away for the period of a long weekend, you’ll only be choosing one place to stay, and you’ll want activities, sights, and walks to be spread around your chosen accommodation. There are plenty of options where this is concerned – including climbing into the hills and into nature. Find accommodation in Hahndorf to experience the full beauty of nature and to be situated somewhere where your children will love to explore.

Eating and Drinking

Are there restaurants and amenities where you’re planning on staying? Short trips can sometimes turn into a nightmare if you’re trailing around hungry children, wildly searching for a place to get some food after a day of exploring and excitement. It’s a good idea to pack some snacks with you for your short trip – something you can take out in emergencies. But it’s more important that you mark on your maps app where the best places to eat are located around your accommodation so that you’re always aware of where you can find a good meal.


Finally, just before you leave for your destination, you’ll be packing suitcases for your family’s clothes and accessories during your weekend away. The key tip here is to pack for all weather conditions so that you’re prepared for wind and rain as well as sun and clear skies. If you’re driving to your destination, you’re able to take most of your wardrobe in the back of your vehicle – so don’t fret about packing too much. Make sure your kids are equipped with all the clothes they’ll need – including changes of clothes each day in case they get muddy on the walks and trips that you take into the wilderness.

Getting away will have been on your mind throughout 2020 – and this article will help you seize your opportunity to do just that this winter.

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