Pink Pages online network of beauty professionals

hairimage1Pink Pages is is an online network of beauty professionals that connect new and existing clients for at home beauty services. Clients are able to search through appointment times for stylists in their area and book directly through the site with one simple click. PinkPages also specializes in concierge services for coordinating weddings, large corporate events, or parties for multiple stylists to be on location at one time. As a typical New Yorker who is always juggling everything and hardly has the time to wait for their blow out, or for their nails to dry at the salon, Pink pages brings the service to you. Unlike other sites that employ the stylists, Pink Pages provides a directory of handpicked freelance stylists that best fits your need.

Did you know 1 out of 3 stylists works as a freelancer? As a co-founder of Pink Pages, we are determined to help everyday woman look and feel their best. Our clients range from busy professionals to working mothers to brides to be, where we help make the booking and service process stress free. With non-standard salon hours and the convenience of traveling to you, PinkPages is the new beauty network of the future.

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