Picking the right pair – a guide to choosing your Bridal Shoes  


The Wedding day is probably the most interesting if not even most important day in a woman’s life.

It has to be perfect down to every detail so planning it bit by bit, is highly recommended.

A bride should look and feel like a queen, so after picking up the dream dress you have to search for the Cinderella shoes.

It may sound easy, but actually it’s very hard to find the perfect pair of bridal shoes.

You might say that you can’t see them under the dress, maybe only when you walk, but it’s not only about that.

You will want to look tall, so the heel height is an important decision point. But then, high heels are not so comfortable, and toe platforms are not in any more, so what options do you still have?

You have to pick the right color to match your dress. That probably sounds weird, but there are so many shades of white that it could be really confusing when you get to it.

The best thing to do is get the shoes after you picked out the dress and ask for a small fabric sample from the bridal shop so you can go and pick your shoes.

There is another way to get pass that burden by picking totally different colors. Red, silver or gold are popular colors that you should take into account.

Nude bridal shoes are probably the most fashionable version; also, investing in a high quality pair of designer shoes is the best decision.

You can wear them with so many other outfits more or less elegant, this way they are not as exclusive as the dress which you will probably not wear again, unless you want it as a costume for Halloween.

As a conclusion, have these three aspects in mind when picking bridal shoes:

Comfort: Don’t get high heels especially if you are not used to them.

Color: Pick a color that you might wear even after the wedding.

Classics are worth investing in.

Design: Embellished shoes may look nice if you have a simple, short dress, if not, simple stilettos are the best option.



  • Reply July 5, 2015

    laura mitbrodt

    I am not getting married anytime soon but these are some great tips!

  • Reply July 6, 2015


    Great tips!

    xx Karolina

  • Reply July 6, 2015

    Bárbara Marques

    Smart tips 😀

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  • Reply July 6, 2015


    I’m pinning this now because I’m sure it will be useful when I find the missing piece in my wedding plan: the groom :p
    I think embelished shoes are lovely, but you’re so right, they are for shorter or simpler dresses, and since that hasn’t crossed my mind, it is a better investment to get some quality designer shoes that I can wear for years after the wedding. That would be a nice wedding gift for myself 🙂


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