Piano Men And Guitar Girls: What Does It Take To Succeed As A Musician In The 21st Century?


Are you a musician? And would you like to make a good living doing it? I guess that the answer is “yes” to both then have you thought about the ways in what you need to do to get there? It requires the most unique combination of sheer will and belief, while having good business knowledge. I know that most people would scoff at that second point. But it is all about marketing yourself to the right crowds. There are those stories about indie bands going overground, but Nirvana was with Geffen and Radiohead started off with EMI, those are two big boys in the recording industry! What can you do to get yourself out there? And at the same time, make sure that you’re match fit?

Gig, Gig, GIG!



Ed Sheeran did upwards of 300 gigs a year before he made it. Just so he could play. There are so many acts that have played in any toilet to give themselves the opportunity to play. Like those acts that get in the open mic spots that are decidedly average, it’s where we’ve all had to start. The more you play, the better you will become. Take your own songs, or start by doing covers, whatever you’re comfortable with. But if you want to be a better player, singer, DJ, get yourself out there. It doesn’t matter where you do it, as long as you get the chance to play. There are many musicians that sideline as a wedding covers band, purely as the opportunity to play whenever they can. Besides, they pay really well!

Social Media Is Really Important



Never underestimate the power of social media now. You know very well that is where careers are made and broken. Justin Bieber, lest we forget, was a child prodigy who could play every instrument under the sun. Even if your hatred of him is as much as mine, you can’t argue that it’s the internet that got him where he is today! And if you share your Facebook page or Soundcloud, people will be looking at how many followers you have before they judge you on your music. There is a way around that, if you go on buycheapfollowersfast, you can get a better number and so people will give you more of a chance.

As Long As You’re Playing, You’re Getting There


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It can be soul destroying playing the same circuits for years on end. But you need to keep plugging away, even if that means joining many bands to make ends meet. A musician friend of mine plays in three bands, Straight Lines, Phil Campbell and The B****** Sons, and The People, The Poet. He was only able to quit his job in a T-Shirt factory last year in his mid-20’s! Even more established bands are now feeling the pinch of the Spotify generation, and now have to make their money by touring. Award-winning band Future Of The Left hold down jobs in between albums and tours. It is a reality of the industry now. So if you can keep playing, not just for yourself, but by constant gigging, that will earn you your wage.

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