Pet Lover’s Guide to Choosing Ideal Dog’s Clothes

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Shopping for clothes for your pooch? Apart from looking good (which is for you more than it is for your dog), almost all other reasons for dressing your dog revolve around comfort. By getting the reasons for dressing your Fido in order, picking the right cloth won’t be a hassle. According to Martine Funari, owner of Fluffy’s Pet Shop, the main reasons how to dress your dog include:

1. To prevent allergies

If you’re allergic to dog dander or are living with a person who is, then dog clothes will come in handy. These allergies lead to sneezing when you come into contact with the dog hair.

In such a case the type of cloth that would suffice is, for instance, a lightweight t-shirt or dress. While it will not reduce the shedding, it’ll reduce the number of hairs you come into contact with.

2. To prevent insect bites

There are some insect bites which can be lethal to your dog. Such insects include bees, hornets, or wasps. Insects such as ticks can carry diseases from one dog to another. Clothing, although not effective in its entirety, is a big step towards protecting your dog from insect bites.

3. To protect it against bad weather

The clothes that you dress up your dog depend on the climate. It’s not sensible to dress a Shih Tzu in a thick sweater in hot weather, or a Maltese in a lightweight t-shirt in cold weather.

Once you know why you want to dress up your dog, the next step is determining the best clothing for the reasons specified. To properly do this, there are a couple of things that you need to consider.

4. Ease of urinating

Relieving himself on the clothes is not only smelly and uncomfortable for the dog, it could increase your laundry bill. Therefore, the clothes you purchase for your dog should be designed in such a way that gives him an allowance to defecate and urinate normally.

5. Zippers and choking hazards

Nothing that can be chewed or swallowed should be attached to the cloth, however cute it looks. It could pose a serious choking risk. Zippers can get entangles in the dog’s fur, causing it pain. There are much safer options such as Velcro that provide a faster on-off mechanism.

6. Weather and environment

As previously discussed, the weather plays a huge role in selecting clothes for your dog. Warm weather = light clothing, while cold weather = thick clothing.

The hair on your dog also plays a role in when it comes to weather. If your dog has a thick coat of hair, he won’t need heavy clothing even in colder climates.

7. Fabrics

The clothes’ fabric should not hinder the mobility of the dog whatsoever. Clothes made of real wool can feel itchy, causing discomfort for your pooch. Stretchy material such as spandex and cotton are preferred.

8. Color and design

The color and design you pick will be dependent on your preferences and the occasion. You can mix dark colored clothing and light-colored clothing so that your dog can have something to wear to play out in the dirt, and something cool to wear when out shopping for more clothes. If your dog prefers a particular style of garment, for instance, t-shirts over hoodies, then stick to that style.

Nobody knows your dog better than you do. If you see a cloth and feel that it will be uncomfortable for your dog, don’t buy it. The cloth that you go for should also be easy to put on and remove and your dog shouldn’t feel restricted in it.


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