Pest Control for Your Home – What Should You Know About Termites?

termites, white ants

Termites are often known as dry wood termites as they like to live in old wood. They are mostly found in the frames of doors and the window foundations of your home. In fact, many homeowners do not even know that their houses are the homes of termites for several years as well. Termites love to feed on wood they find anywhere. This can be your furniture to your skating board!

Check for signs of termites in your home

If you love and care for your home, make sure there are no termites around. If you live in a locality where dry wood termites exist, contact pest control companies and get regular checks for termites done. The professionals of these companies will come over to your home and check for signs of termite infestation. If you find termites in the structure, contact these pest control professionals to exterminate them and prevent the signs of termite damage in your home.

Sounds of termites

One of the most common signs of termites in your home is its sounds. They come from the walls as these termites creating a banging sound with their heads against the walls of the house. This sound can even come from the shaking of their bodies against the walls of the house. This sound is generally made to alert the other termites in the colony when they spot signs of danger.

Interesting facts about termites

The busy termites that are eating away at the wood are known as worker termites, and they love eating wood. They are in fact very noisy eating pests, and you can actually hear them munching at your wooden furniture. Experts in the field of pest control also state that they eat more when they hear rock music. This might come as a surprise to homeowners. There are some researchers that state these termites work or eat wood faster when they hear rock music playing in the background. In fact, they eat double the speed. In order to stop them you need to contact reliable pest control companies, and when you visit website contact links, you can book an appointment with them to drop in and schedule an inspection.

White ants are not termites

White ants are not the same as termites, and several homeowners confuse them. Though both of them more or less look the same, the antennae of ants are straight, and those in white ants are bent. The waist area of termites is thicker than white ants. Both are however dangerous to the structure of your home and create a lot of damage if not arrested in time.

Therefore, when you wish to get rid of termites from home, make sure you speak to a good pest control company so that the experts can visit the premises as soon as possible to exterminate these bothersome pests in your home. The costs of pest control will depend upon the gravity of the problem and the area that is to be covered by the pest control professionals.

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