Perfect hair care routine: what should I do?

Every woman who worries about hair condition has to take care of her hair at home on a daily basis. You can get your hair done quickly in the salon, but these procedures are pretty expensive. The thing you should know is that It is very easy to maintain the health and beauty of the hair on your own if you know the basic rules of care and adhere to them day by day.

Basic rules for better hair care

The correct hair care routine at home includes the following recommendations:

  1. Wash your head as it is suitable for you.
  2. After the shampoo, use the balm or conditioner to smooth the scales of the cuticle and restore the acid-alkaline balance.
  3. Use soft water or neutralize hard water supply.
  4. Massage the scalp, the movements must be smooth and moderate.
  5. Use cool water while washing to keep hair shiny and balance the sebum production.
  6. Avoid brushing your wet hair so as not to hurt them when they are most vulnerable. Use a large comb.
  7. It is not recommended to keep your hair under a towel too long, you can just blot them with a towel. Hair has to be dried with warm air, but not completely so as not to evaporate all the moisture.
  8. Periodically conduct a course of medical masks for recovery after exposure to chemicals and cosmetics, dyes, ultraviolet, temperature and humidity changes.
  9. At the end of the day, remove the rest of the styling products by brushing. Try to limit the use of them.
  10. Eat properly and in a balanced manner to ensure that the follicle is fed from the inside.
  11. Try to reduce the use of gels and hair sprays, as well as dyes with aggressive compositions, hairstyles with the use of hot tools. You’d better focus on the hair treatment products and find yourself something on the From the huge range of natural products, you are sure to find something that is right for you.

Natural Hair Care

It is necessary to take care of your hair to make them look attractive. Hair masks, which our grandmothers have used for a long time, can help in this difficult business. However, even natural hand-made mask has to be selected according to the type of strands, because the composition of the mixtures is different and not suitable for everyone. For example, for fatty hair, the kefir-based mask will work great. For dry hair egg yolk will brighten and moisturize it, while the turnip oil will help to get rid of dandruff. The most helpful and valuable oils are olive, coconut, almond, grape pits, castor and many others.

The most important thing for owners of gorgeous hair is to remember that proper hair care should be done regularly and daily. Then you will preserve this wealth for years to come!

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