Peptides and Eminence Skin Care Products – What You Are Missing Out On

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In this day in age, wherever famous celebrities are running after the majority of the popular innovative and quick-fix health and beauty products, there are beauty clinics and spas. While many say that having lots of options is a good thing, when it comes to skincare products, this may not necessarily be the case.

If its groceries were buying, it is one thing to choose an organic carrot over a non-organic one, but the majority benefits of eating a carrot will still be the same. However, with products that we put on our faces and bodies, the results are visible and precaution must be taken when choosing the right ones.

This is why many companies that belong to the beauty industries have changed their ways of creating more versatile items, and yet, lean closer to as natural an ingredient as possible. Now, you get stores that offer the simplest form of face creams and body lotions to the most effective of them all.

One great example is those that are made from organic ingredients. There are numerous ones that we can discuss, but we shall stick to the one that has everyone raving about it – peptides. So, what are peptides and why are they suddenly so popular? We look at these questions and more below in this article.

Peptides – What are they?

The majority of the population knows about proteins. Proteins are in almost every food and drink on the market, anything from eggs, to milk, soy, oats, meat, seafood and wheat, has some form of it inside.

People take them in many forms like shakes and supplements, to help give them a boost during gym sessions or to aid in muscle recovery after a workout. So, what do peptides have to do with proteins? Well, they are a smaller version of proteins.

Surprisingly enough, proteins are not just in food and beverages but also cosmetic offerings. This family of protein, peptides, is one of the main ingredients used in the beauty industry to create the very best skincare.

There are many reasons why it is such a popular addition. We mention a few of the things it is known for below:

  • Muscle building
  • Anti-ageing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Destroying microbes

According to studies done on this organic chemical compound, researchers have seen it responsible for slowing down the ageing process in many adults who have used products that include it. There is, however, not only one type but many types of peptides, namely the collagen kind and the creatine type. Click here for more on this.

The former is used in skincare while the latter is added to food and beverages like protein shakes and bars for example. Collagen is known to help improve and maintain the health of your membrane, bones, teeth, connective tissues, joints and more.

Even though they are part of one big family, and both contain what’s known as ‘amino acids, the peptides are a more naturally occurring compound in foods.

The link between this miracle compound and skin is what celebrities and others seek. So, when it comes to beauty products, we break down their benefits below.

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Benefits of Using Organic Treatments with Peptides

There are several advantages of choosing these over any others, and e touched on it briefly above but will elaborate on this below for you. Besides eating collagen-rich supplements and powders or foods which helps maintain you internally, using a care product alongside these, that also has this ingredient in it, helps look after your external being too.

Helps to reduce wrinkles: the first main benefit a lot of adults opt for these types of selections is because it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Because of the collagen in peptides, the result is a plumping of your lips and facial features, as well as making it firmer. It may not get rid of them entirely but it will help to reduce them, depending on the brand you choose.

There are also resellers and retailers of these products. One good one is known as Eminence Organic and if for example, you would like to buy an Eminence product in Canada, your best bet is to check for an online store that stocks their huge selection, like The Facial Room: They carry a large selection of Eminence products, plus some additional perks such as free shipping and gifts, that are included with each purchase.

We would always recommend the organic versions because they are safe and ethically manufactured. You can find these at prominent beauty stores online as well as brick-and-mortar ones in Canada. For smooth skin, you can use selections from their Marine Flower Peptide collection. For example:

Marine Flower Peptide Serum and Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream – which is a day and night serum that is anti-ageing. It also helps to minimize pores making the skin look smoother. The eye cream helps to reduce dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.

Help eliminate bacteria on the skin: we are forever exposed to toxins in the environment and due to this and other factors like eating wrong and consuming copious amounts of alcohol or carbonated drinks and confectionaries, our exterior barrier takes a beating. You may not notice it, but under the layers there could be a lot of clogged pores because of this, and as a result, you can suffer from adult acne.

Because peptides are known for their antimicrobial benefits, using a face wash, night or day cream with the added amino acid, can kill bacteria and help clear breakouts. Choosing a product like the Marine Flower Peptide Night Cream is well worth it, because it is an overnight option that helps regenerate your skin while you sleep.

It gives it more elasticity and an improved barrier: Another great benefit is its ability to improve the external barrier helping to guard it against UV rays, pollution and more. Sometimes if you exfoliate too much this can be harmful, so the products help to create a tough outside barrier against these things.

By looking after yourself both on the inside and outside, you will reap all the major benefits of a holistic approach to look and feel beautiful.

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