Parcel Tracking: How It Transformed Online Shopping

It’s easy to forget that online shopping is still a relatively new development in the retail industry. For many of us, the birth of eCommerce and our ability to buy things online has occurred in our lifetime. But, while brands such as Amazon and eBay date back to the mid-1990s, it’s only the last 15-20 years in which online shopping has truly taken off. And advances in technology is driving that forward still.

In the UK, online sales contributed just 3.4% of total retail sales in 2007. By 2019, however, that had leapt to almost one in every five pounds. All areas of our online shopping experience are feeling the benefits of tech evolution and innovation. And our ability to track our purchases from shelf to home provides greater assurance – not only to expectant customers, but equally to merchants and sellers.

Here are just 6 ways that parcel tracking is helping to transform online shopping:

End-to-end tracking

From the moment a customer clicks ‘Order’ in their online shopping basket, it’s possible for them to follow the journey of their purchase. Tech automation and integration means a business can tell the customer what’s happening at each stage of the process. Picking, packing and postage – these three Ps can form part of a single end-to-end tracking service that ultimately ends in the customer’s hands.

‘Where’s my delivery’?

KPMG’s annual report for the UK retail industry found that 42% of online shoppers had tracked their delivery through a dedicated app. Using GPS and improved 4G data coverage, individual couriers and companies such as Parcel2Go provide real-time tracking capabilities. It lets shoppers see exactly where their delivery is – and can help them plan their day around what time it can be expected too.

Faster delivery

As tech continues to evolve, so does efficiency. By investing in their delivery processes, retailers can now cut delivery times right down. Amazon has been offering one-hour delivery times since 2014 in the US, with other retailers following their lead. This investment is also enhancing tracking capability too, forming a core part of the tech that’s required to make faster deliveries a reality.

Smarter delivery?

It may still be in the early stages, but parcel tracking could soon be as much a feature of smart home devices as media streaming and weather information. As smart hubs and voice assistants continue to evolve, they will soon start being able to communicate delivery updates to your connected devices – making it no longer necessary to login to an app or get in front of a computer.


No matter if a customer is having their purchase delivered to their home, workplace or even a parcel locker, the automation of parcel tracking services is increasing convenience and satisfaction. It could be a quick SMS message or an email – either way, parcel tracking can now inform customers of their expected delivery time and progress without them needing to do a thing.

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