Packing To Perfection For Your Cruise Vacation


Everyone should have a cruise on their bucket list! With the chance to visit an abundance of exotic locations, and always return to your little piece of luxurious living on board a high-class ship, cruises really do make memorable vacations. To make sure you’re ready for the fun and thrills that come with a vacation at sea, here come a few tips on how to pack.

One thing you cannot forget, under any circumstances, is a file containing all of your necessary travel documents. Passports, appropriate visas, credit cards, medical insurance papers, airline tickets and cruise reservation documents; make sure they are all safely tucked in the folder. Having everything neatly gathered in one folder minimizes the risk of stress and problems during your vacation, for example when going on land or in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately situations can happen where your original documents get lost or stolen, so make sure you have copies of everything in a separate bag, as well as at home.

Wings Cruises advise not to fill up your suitcase with toiletries such as shampoo or shower gel, the cruise ship will provide all of these. However when it comes to contacts lenses, necessary medications, hair products, mouthwash and other personal items, make sure you take them with you – here is a good guide. Don’t panic if you do forget something, cruise ships have convenience stores with a good choice of toiletries.

Cruises offer guests a wide choice of entertainment and experiences, so make sure you have a great selection of clothes with you, from swimsuit to tuxedo, and everything in between!

If you’re heading with Princess Cruises the general dress code is smart casual, so you should pack accordingly. For informal choices light shirts, comfortable summer footwear and shorts are good options for men and women, along you may benefit from a windbreaker or warmer sweater for cooler times.

Sometimes excursions on land may require an anorak or umbrella if the weather decides to be a little wet. When it comes to the more formal settings, men need, at the least, slack-style trousers with shirt and tie, however a suit and matching shoes may be more appropriate. Women on the other hand will likely feel comfortable in a dressy skirt and blouse, or an evening dress. Choose items that are wrinkle-free, or if you do want to pack item that wrinkle easily, make sure you at least roll them up before placing them in the suitcase. Since most cabins on cruise ships don’t have an iron (if you really need one you can check with the laundry room), it’s best not to fold clothes as they’ll end up with unattractive creases.

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