Own Your Office Style with These Essential Tips


Dressing for work can sometimes be a minefield. You want to express yourself and stand out, but at the same time, you need to fit in with the company. You might have a dress code to follow, and perhaps you’re trying to give a certain impression at work. If you work in an office, you often have more freedom to choose your style than some other workplaces. You’re unlikely to have a uniform, even if there are some rules you need to follow when it comes to how you dress. You can express yourself and stand out at work while still dressing appropriately.


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Know Your Dress Code

If you want your style to help you stand out at work, you first need to make sure you know your office dress code. Many businesses have an official dress code, which you might be able to find in your employee handbook. There could be rules on how much skin you can show, certain items of clothing that aren’t allowed, or general guidelines on how you should dress. Some companies will be more explicit with what they expect of you, whereas others will assume you can use your common sense to dress appropriately. If there is no dress code, take your cue from what others wear.

Inject Your Personality

You might need to follow a dress code, but dressing professionally shouldn’t stop you from showing your personality. You can still wear styles and colors that you like, even if you have to do it within a particular framework. If your work wardrobe looks a little boring, take a Shopbop coupon or vouchers for others stores and look for something new. You can wear your favorite colors or choose accessories that help you stand out. You could style your hair or do your makeup in a way that you love, and that still works for the office environment.

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Fit and Presentation

Being well-presented in the office is important no matter what you wear. One large part of this is ensuring that your clothes fit well. If you wear a suit, you should always make sure it’s tailored to fit your shape. The same can be said for other clothes, although you don’t necessarily have to have them tailored. You should consider the fit of your clothes to ensure that they look professional in the office. You don’t want to have sleeves that are too long, shirts that gape, or skirts that are too short.

Try Something Unusual

Even when you’re following a dress code, you can try unusual style choices to stand out. While you don’t want to do anything too whacky, you can do things to help attract attention. For example, wearing a bright color or a statement accessory can help you stand out without making your outfit inappropriate for work. You need to combine your personality and the office dress code so that you can get people’s attention and still be taken seriously.

Using your style to stand out at work can give you an edge in the office. However, you need to be careful if you want

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