Overview of the iPV4 100 Watt Box Mod.

The iPV4 Box Mod vaporizer, made by the company Pioneer4You, is similar to an e-cigarette in that it allows you to easily inhale a substance that is not tobacco. A low-wattage vaporizer could be the ideal item to use in a quest to give up smoking, but those who have come to enjoy the vaporizing experience may decide to try a vaporizer with a higher wattage such as the new iPV4.

The iPV4 has been made with many improvements over the iPV3. For instance, the iPV4 box model is reduced in size and it includes a nickel or titanium wire as a temperature controller. This prevents the vaporizer from becoming overheated, or producing the unpleasant experience known as “A Dry Hit.”

This device runs on two 18650 batteries, which are placed inside the black sliding panel. To start up the device, click the “Fire” button five times, after placing the batteries.

Once the device has been switched On, select Power and Joule modes, by once again clicking the Fire button five times. Power mode will increase wattage from 20 to 100 watts, by first clicking the Down button and then adjusting by further clicks of 20 watt increments, to the wattage you prefer.

The Joule mode is a temperature mode, which can be adjusted, with clicks, by 10 joule increments, from 10 to 50 joules, or watts per second.

Enter the Menu mode, by again clicking the Fire button 5 times. Menu mode shows settings for system, mode and temperature.

The very best place to buy the iPV4 box mod is from the website VaporizerChief.com. Vaporizer Chief is great because they offer protection against identity theft and also purchase protection, which means that the device that you purchase will always be coded as having been bought by you, in the event that it is lost.

From a list of 10 reviews on Vaporizer Chief, the iPV4 receives 8 reviews of 5/5 stars, 1 review of 4/5 stars and 1 further review of 3/5 stars. Words used to describe the iPV4 are “Great Device!”, “Best Deal!”, “Awesome!” and “I Love This Device!”

So it seems like it’s Three Cheers for the iPV4 Box Mod!

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