Outdoor Design: Are You Making the Most of the Space You Own?

folding furniture

Outdoor design, just like its interior counterpart, is an important element of truly making the most of the space you own. Good outdoor design mostly boils down to the following two things: making things look nice and making sure they’re practically organized. If you want to create a unique living space, hiring a designer for outdoor spaces can help to make the most of your project. In order to awaken your inner outdoor designer, we’re going to share a couple of design tips you can start using right away!

A single piece of furniture can have multiple purposes

Imagine you have a coffee table you simply don’t want to get rid of, and yet, you want to create extra space. Well, the good news is that you may not have to! Instead, why not use the coffee table as an extra chair when nothing’s placed on it? You can do the same thing with other pieces of furniture, A drawer, for example, may allow you to place things on top of it, making it a nifty table you can use for all sorts of purposes.

In any case, the main idea behind this principle is that you can use your creative and out-of-the-box thinking to create additional opportunities, without making any compromises to your outdoor design.

Keep your plants in pots

When working with small spaces, your landscaping efforts can greatly benefit from always having the option to move the objects around in a matter of seconds. By having your plants in pots (as opposed to having them grow out of a fixed surface), you can simply relocate them whenever you feel the need to do so.

Rugs can help you make things look more lively

When people think of adding color to their outdoor space, they often get fixated on using paint to permanently alter an object’s color. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you can also resort to using temporary solutions like rugs. Immediately, the place is going to have a different vibe to it without you needing to do much work at all. As an added benefit, you can easily and effortlessly change or remove the rug at a later date if you feel like it doesn’t quite have the look you’re looking for.

Just a quick warning: it’s best to stick to rugs made specifically for outdoor use. They are designed to be much more resilient and less prone to be affected by the harsh weather conditions.

Use the folding furniture

Folding tables and chairs are great for the purposes of leaving your outdoor space open to possibilities. Whenever you decide you’d like to use the limited space you may have available for a different purpose for a while (like temporarily placing a ping-pong table there), you always have the option of folding them together and stashing them someplace else for the time being.

After you’re done with the activities and want to restore everything to the way it was, folding furniture allows you to accomplish this in mere minutes if not seconds.


The ideas we’ve shared have hopefully inspired you to take your outdoor design to the next level. More often than not, creativity is all that’s needed, and coupled with some great taste, you can truly come up with something amazing to make the entire neighborhood jealous.

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