Our 3 tips for choosing a luxury watch

luxury watches

Jaeger-Lecoultre, Omega, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Hublot … what watches have you always dreamed of having? Today you are determined to get some. The watch is a nice accessory, the jewel of men, an important object that you can have with you for several years and therefore bequeath to your children. It is also the opportunity to celebrate an important event. Your watch will be the accessory that, every day, will testify to a great moment.

But faced with the wide range of existing luxury watches, it is difficult to choose and especially to have the feeling of having made the ideal choice. It should choose according to the desires, the personality but also according to the budget. Here are some tips in this article to help you choose the right one.

First tip: opt for mythical watches

Several watchmaking companies have emblems that have long fascinated watch lovers. Pieces with glorious records that have accompanied the greatest heads of state, attended the finals of the biggest car races, and were worn by the showbiz stars. Each of his emblems marked an era and is a witness of history. That’s why they charm so many amateurs and are called “passion investments”.

“You will never completely possess a Patek Philippe. You will be just the guardian for future generations. ” This slogan from Patek Philippe marks this desire to buy an iconic watch to create a memory, a legacy to his heirs. Unlike fashionable objects, these watches are perpetual. You will be delighted to discover that with good care, your favorite watch will belong to your heirs and will even increase in value over time.

To make a “passion investment” we advise to target the “safe values” of the market by adopting the mythical watches or to the big traditional houses like Jaeger-Lecoultre, Omega, Blancpain, Rolex, Piaget …

Second tip: determine your budget

Depending on your budget, turn to different models of watches. The more you have a large budget and the more you will see you open the doors of renowned watchmaking houses and more complications will be beautiful (ringtones, alarm clock, whirlwind, perpetual calendar, moon phase …). But even with a reasonable budget, you can find a nice watch if your finances do not allow you to have a luxury watch.

We advise you to opt for second-hand watches. A wide selection of exceptional watches are available at attractive prices: from 20% to 50% less expensive than those that are new. The second luxury watch market is a good alternative to find a beautiful watch without exploding its budget.

Third tip: define your style

It is not easy to find a watch in line with his style. The luxury market offers a variety of watches. To find the right watch, we advise you to imagine yourself in everyday situations. What occasions do you want to wear your watch? Do you have a sporting lifestyle? If this is true, turn instead to sports models such as chronographs, diving watches, car pilots or aviation. You can choose the 116610ln. These are models made with durable materials and pronounced finishes to give a sporty look. If you want to adopt a chic, classy, ​​refined style, opt for “classic” watches often equipped with three hands and pure lines. Budget level, their price range is wider. They are rather cheap because they do not have many complications.

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