Organizing The Perfect Girl’s Trip: A Guide

Sometimes you just need to escape the 9-5 life with your friends and have some girl time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily responsibilities. Girl’s trips are great for bonding, great for relaxing and allow us to simply enjoy our trip with the people we love the most. Traveling with friends, of course, is not always the easiest. Fights can happen, the close proximity can lead to tension, and so on. Rather than let typical travel stress spoil your otherwise perfect trip, you should follow these organizational tips.

Ensure Everyone Is On Board with the Same Idea

Picking a destination is the first step to planning a girl’s trip. Figuring out what type of trip you are going to have is another one entirely. It is always better to plan your trip by theme than it is to assume you can work in what everyone wants into one trip. So, next time you organize something with your friends, don’t tell them that you will be visiting California. Instead, say that you will be going on a wine tour in Napa Valley, so that they can manage their expectations and can collectively enjoy their trip so much more.

Create a Daily Budget for the Group

Another step you need to take before you go is to decide on a daily budget. This budget should be used so that any wage-gap between you and your friends can be minimized. For example, if only one friend in your group makes minimum wage, it can be difficult for her to keep up if all you do is go out to expensive restaurants. By making a daily wage for group activities, you can ensure everyone enjoys their time equally.

Tip: Agreeing on a budget does not mean you cannot buy what you want as a souvenir. It is for group activities like meals or events only.

Save Money and Rent a Vacation Home

One of the biggest vacation mistakes that you can make when you go with a group of friends is to book hotel rooms. Multiple hotel rooms can cause costs to skyrocket, and they will also separate you from each other, and thus negating a huge part of any girl’s trip – just hanging out. Instead, save money and pool your resources together to choose a vacation home. Vacation rentals are available in destinations around the world, so on your next girl’s trip, you are sure to find a great home-away-from-home that ticks everyone’s boxes.

Vary Your Activities to Make the Most of Your Trip

If you can, try to vary your activities so that you can get the most out of your trip. On your wine tour, for example, take an afternoon off to go shopping at a few boutiques, or spend an evening at a music gig. Do this, and you will have many great memories to enjoy.

Planning in advance and ensuring everyone is on board with the vacation that you have planned is the key to a successful girl’s trip. All that is left after that is to kick your feet up and enjoy some quality time with your closest friends.

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