Organic, recycled and vegan: The Organic Clothing Store

The majority of fashion brands are not sustainable. Trends alternate at lightning speed and every six weeks there is a new collection in the large fast fashion chains. For example, our clothing consumption has more than doubled since the year 2000. The high intensity of fast fashion puts pressure on production costs and makes the industry even more polluting. Clearly, much remains to change in the fashion industry. Fast fashion should make way for slow fashion.

The Organic Clothing Store

Fortunately, the movement of producers and consumers who want to change this burdensome fashion system is growing. Because we have to go from fast fashion to slow fashion: no more mass production but sustainable fashion that lasts a long time, has little impact on the environment and is produced under humane conditions. More and more initiatives can be found one of these is That contribute to making the clothing industry more sustainable. The brand is organic, recycled and vegan. They use organic cotton and recycled polyester for their clothing items. Organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Biological methods are used instead.  

Non plastic shipping method

The Organic Clothing Store features beautifully illustrated designs carefully printed using vegan dyes onto some of the pieces. The collection includes fashion for kids, baby’s, women’s and menswear. They stand out with their plastic free shipping method. The paper postal mailing bags are manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources to comply with FSC certi­fica­tion. The paper is both compostable and degradable.

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