Open Design: 5 Loft Designs That Might Make You Reconsider Traditional Homes


Open design can make small spaces feel much larger, without compromising on coziness, style, and overall property value. If you’re thinking that a loft space is up your alley, here are five design concepts that can inspire you to begin planning.

  1. White Minimalism

At once opulent and low maintenance, a clean white space may be just what you need for increased peace of mind. High ceilings can feature discrete track lighting instead of a number of bulky or busy fixtures.

Keep white walls largely blank in order to best highlight your most treasured work of art, which can take center stage on a featured wall. Instead of wood, consider hard-surface furniture crafted from white enamel or Lucite. If you add any personal touches, put them in textiles, which can be removed or swapped out relatively easily.

  1. Exposed Brick

If you’re looking for a loft that’s more rustic and down to earth, look for something with exposed brick walls. It’s one built-in feature that can inspire any number of choices you make when putting the finishing touches on your space.

Complement exposed brick with stunning window treatments in shades of cream, ochre, or slate. Choose rich, dark woods to add to the natural, earthy feel that comes with exposed brick.

  1. An Open Vertical Design

Nothing says “contemporary loft” like an exposed staircase leading to another level. Make your loft home a cohesive, multi-level experience by removing the barriers and letting the area breathe wide open.

Carry elements up the common wall from level to level, whether that be hardware, wall decoration, or drapery. It’s the best choice for loft owners who are at home with their personal style, and want to bare it all.

  1. A Fabulous Display

There’s no rule saying that Toronto lofts are intended to be humble because they’re typically smaller. Negate the need for storage and show off what you collect with shelving that covers the expanse of a large, shared wall.

The go-to pick for bibliophiles, this option can make any loft look like a personal library. Love to travel? Your artifacts and souvenirs belong out in the open, lending your loft character. If your wall faces sunny windows, it’s a prime place to put tons of plants, creating a wall of greenery that will keep their air in your home clean and fresh, while providing respite from concrete jungle outside.

  1. Convertible Elements

Choosing an open design is by no means a final decision. Alternate between an open space and more segmented one with curtains and screens. Install a ceiling track so you can draw a curtain across your area at any time; you can even have a custom-printed design to give your space a totally different feel depending on your mood.

Privacy screens and dividers can be used to conceal the lower portion of high, open windows, as well as sleeping areas. It’s a great alternative to custom window treatments.

Loft living is the ultimate in inclusivity and versatility. With an abundance of natural light and high ceilings, all that’s waiting is your vision.

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