O’Couture Beauty

O’Couture Beauty is a luxury beauty brand in the making, Loving beauty products and wanting to create a brand of Beauty products all women can enjoy, I used to sell Marykay and wanted to venture out and create a brand similar I would do facials for women and watch how they enjoyed the products so I started researching how to brand my own beauty products that’s how I came up with the name O’Couture Beauty it was birthed also from my blog www.mahoganybeautyandstyle.com our tag line is “all that is beautiful is beautiful is you” creating the brand has been an achievement and creating the blog stepping out on faith and believing in myself knowing and believing that O’Couture Beauty can possibly be on beauty shelves. O’Couture Beauty’s first product is “MoodStruck 3D Fiber Lash this product is an alternative to wearing false lashes it is a mascara gel and fiber lashes that adheres to your natural lash no glue needed please go to ocouture-beauty.myshopify.com.

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