Novice Guitarists – How to Go from Beginner to Expert

When you have no musical experience, learning to play the guitar can be a scary idea – especially when you compare yourself to guitarists who play effortlessly without breaking a sweat. Your rock heroes make playing the guitar seem as natural as breathing, but that doesn’t mean their talents are inherent to their DNA. Far from it, in fact, as any guitarist worth his or her salt will have committed hours upon hours of practice to get where they are. That means they started at the bottom, making painful noises on their guitars and fumbling their chords just like you. And just like them, you can develop serious axing skills once you put in the time.

Practice Makes Perfect
The old adage is true. The more time, focus, and energy you put into learning the guitar, the better you will become. And let’s face it – mastering this instrument will take plenty of all three. First of all, you’ll have to get used to the fact you’ll be splitting your focus between your strumming hand and the hand you’ll make chords with. This simple activity takes a lot of concentration and coordination when you’re first starting. Then you’ll need to slowly learn the names and sounds of the strings, as well as where to compress them in order to make the sounds that you want. Depending on where your interests lie, you may also want to learn the notation for notes and chords.

Time vs Deliberation
Becoming familiar with your guitar will take time, but recent studies have shown that it’s not so much how long you practice but how well you practice that’s important. What that means is, it isn’t so much a matter of putting in an hour or two every week, and you’ll be on the fast track to guitar mastery. It’s deliberate, considerate training that will build up your skills. When you sit down to learn a new chord, scales, or a few bars of your favourite song, these exercises should have your complete attention. If your mind starts to wonder, the effects of your practice won’t have the same impact.

Take Advice from an Expert
If your patience leaves a lot to be desired, you may be searching for the fastest way to pick up the guitar possible. The speed in which you learn this instrument will depend upon your dedication to the guitar; however, you can get a little bit of help along way. By finding a qualified teacher to provide you with guitar lessons, you can boost your accomplishments. Through beginner guitar lessons, you can be taught helpful techniques that will make learning the guitar easier. You’ll also have weekly contact with a guitarist who can provide advice and support throughout your learning. There are plenty of guitarists offering guitar lessons throughout Canada, but it’s important that you find a qualified teacher. If knowledge and experience behind the fret are your priorities, then you can easily find music lessons at your local Long & McQuade music store that fit your criteria. They have skilled professional instructors who offer private lessons in a supportive, creative environment.

Several beginner guitar lessons under your belt, combined with deliberate practice, will set any novice player on the fast track to improving their abilities. Both will provide you with the experience and knowledge necessary to dispel any fears you have about the guitar. Before you know it, you’ll be sounding like your heroes.

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