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New York Fashion Week written by: wachirahm The New York Fashion Week is a period of between seven to nine days within which different designers come together and showcase their various and latest designs to the public. The event is often held twice every year and is always hosted in New York. The event has of late grown to be a recognized function all over the world, with only three other similar events being held in Milan, Paris and London. The New York Fashion Week brings together various collections from all over the world in order to showcase and find the appropriate market for these designs and collections.

New York Fashion Week has seen a tremendous improvement ever since it was introduced in 1943. Over the years it has seen the entry and the exit if different sponsors who have made a transformation on how the program is conducted and run. This fashion event was introduced in 1943 by a press director, Eleanor Lambert of the New York Dress Institute and was later renamed as Press Week because it was mainly a press event. The event became a success and it was aimed at pulling the attention of the people from the fashion designs in Paris and pull them back to New York during the second world war.

Mercedes Benz came in as the title sponsor of the New York Fashion Week since the year 2007, but has so far thought of leaving (In fact they already have). The shows had therefore been moved from white tents which were erected by the Council of Fashion Designers of America at Bryant Park. The Council of Fashion Designers of America managed to separately acquire the the New York Fashion Week’s official calender.

Many celebrities have so far participated in this is even which has led to the recognition of various designers and collections from all over the world. Other than the live coverage which begun in 2011, you would require tickets so as to attend this even because it is a press function. In 2016, many changes are set to be witnessed because Mercedes Benz which has been this event’s sponsor since 2007 will be exiting in 2015. The changes would therefore include a relocation from Lincoln center to spring studios. The name would also be changed from MB Fashion Week to MADE Fashion Week.

The event takes place twice a year in New York City in the months of September and February. The upcoming event which would be in February 2016 is set to start on the first Thursday of that month. The 2015 New York Fashion Week was however held between 12th and 19th February while that of September was held between 10th and 17th. For the public, much consideration should be put on whatever you would choose to wear during that week. You should bear in mind the type of weather and what you plan to do. All these should go hand in hand with the current and latest trends in the fashion category. The New York Fashion Week has therefore remained to be a great success over the years.

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