New Release Man Outta You by Saniye

Award-winning New York City-based Pop-Jazz musician Saniyé returns with her much anticipated new single “Man Outta You” off her brand new EP due out Summer 2015. “Man Outta You” has been played on KISS FM and Saniyé has had incredible write ups and appeared on several television shows including Metro Unplugged TV, Bloomberg TV, Fox TV, The Rhythms of New York, Broadjam, Bodrum Magazine, TimeOUT NY, The Village Voice, Global Rhythm Magazine, MTV, CNN, and more. The official music video for “Man Outta You”will be released in June 2015.”


Who is Saniyé?

Saniyé started writing songs and playing music at the age of 5, so it is no surprise that her emotionally driven and debut eclectic album “When I Don’t Sleep” made it’s rounds nationally and internationally with much success. Songs from the album aired on Delta Airlines and many are still currently playing in stores nationwide in the U.S. Her music featured on MTV Europe, tastemaker stations across the nation and most notably, “Boom Sheke Nana” won the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Saniyé, went on a thirty city tour, headlined a show at Joe’s Pub in New York City and ended the tour by opening for multi-platinum selling singer songwriter, Lisa Loeb.


Sinem describes the first album, “It was like a diary. I was shy and exposed at the same time. Looking back I can see I was shedding my sadness and working through the loss of my father. To say the least my fun and bold spirit was a bit squashed after his death. Purging these emotions has helped me get back to my fun, flirty, mischievous essence.”


Sinem says she has definitely matured musically since then but hasn’t grown up in the traditional sense, “I never want to fully own the title ‘grown-up’. I think the magic of life is in play, mischief and for me, music. I don’t think when we become a certain age we should have to abandon this side of ourselves. My music attempts to bring that out for all of us.”



“The second album feels like a rebirth. I am really expressing myself from the person that I was when I was little. It’s just pure fun and it feels great to reclaim the part of myself that is very much like my father. My mom tells me stories all the time about how I remind her so much of him with my playful nature. He was that 47-year-old guy who would press all the buttons in the elevator just for kicks. In this way my music is homage to him, the father who I never really got to know. This keeps him alive for me. Life should be fun and I hope to create a space in my music for the world to feel that.


“My influences are other bold and playful artists that say what they want with no apology. Lily Allen, Pink, Eliza Doolittle, Regina Spektor. Most of these artists are very feminine but unapologetic about who they are. This can also be so healing for women in general. We are lucky to have the freedom to be fully expressed. It is important to accept everyone for who they are. I hope my music can help bring people together in this way. I encourage everyone to accept all parts of themselves. For me I love video games AND I love playing dress up and experimenting with fashion. This is me, I refused to believe that I had to be one or the other. I’m that girl you will see in heels at the arcade playing a racing game, beating the boys.”


The new EP coaxes you to engage with Saniyé. “It’s a space where you can be yourself one hundred percent. That is definitely a part of my journey and I invite you to join me in the fun.”


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