Jamour Chames’ ‘Girl All Over The World’ art collection celebrates women worldwide and the popular image identifies with so many women throughout the world.  The art collection debut last year Art Basel 2015 at the Nautilus South Beach and since then has been attracting a lot of attention. Although ‘The Girl All Over the World’ represents every woman, who is she?

Meet the inspiration for the art collection, Felita Harris. Felita Harris, a global fashion business executive, is the SVP Global Commercial Development for Lela Rose. Over the past decades Ms. Harris has worked for some of the most notable luxury brands including Donna Karan, Armani, St. Johns, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. When Jamour moved to New York City he was introduced to Felita and she has been a great friend and mentor since then. “A muse is a source of inspiration for an artist.” Chames stated, “Felita was not only creatively inspirational, but she also inspired me in life and in the pursuit of my dreams.”

Girl All Over the World is New York will be showing during New York Fashion Week at the Playroom Theatre Times Square on Feb 10.  Girl All Over The World London will be on display during London Fashion Week at The Cavendish Room. For more information visit


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