New Living Room Design Trends in 2020

Living room design trends are evolving yearly. And this 2020, we’re seeing some current and old design trends making their way into any home. If you want to incorporate some design trends, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some home decor, furniture, and interior design trends 2020 you should watch out for.

1. Modern Home Decor and Interior

With homes getting smaller due to demand, home interior designers are recommending compact furniture pieces and decor trends that are sleeker and more modern. As we start this new decade, expect that we’ll be seeing more modern pieces.

A modern design trend has cleaner lines with a no-frills design. It is free from unnecessary patterns, designs, and ornaments without a purpose.

2. Accent Walls

Accent walls are one of the most popular interior design trends this year. Any interior designer would tell homeowners how accent walls can transform your home into a stylish abode. Whether you’re looking into a floral wallpaper or a black and white pattern, accent walls create a focal point in your area.

3. Bold Monochromatic Colors

Bold monochromatic color trends 2020 are in. Some have this misconception that monochromatic means you’re only choosing a gray or black color. However, monochromatic means you’re using one color or tone for your space.

Colors like cobalt blue or sunshine yellow could be eye-catching colors for 2020. Make your interior emanate your personality by choosing tones that complement.

4. Sustainable Materials

More and more people are banking on sustainability. Decor trends 2020 will be seeing more of natural materials, woven wicker, rattan, or beautiful elements that scream nature, mountains, beach, and sunshine.

As we embark on a new year, materials like these will surely make their way into homes that emanate rustic, traditional, cottage, and coastal vibes.

Moreover, earth tones are also slowly making waves in interior design today. Any interior designer would want to experiment with cool, subtle tones for a pleasing home environment like no other.

5. Gray on Gray

The biggest question for homeowners is, “Is gray still in this 2020?” And the answer is a resounding YES. Whether you’re decorating your kitchens, bedroom, or basically all rooms in your home, gray is still in and homeowners shouldn’t miss out on this tone.

Warmer toned palettes are gaining momentum, according to top interior design expert Ariel Okin. To incorporate a little oomph in your spaces, balance it out with rich, accent colors.

What Furniture is in Style for 2020?

The top interior design trends for your space will surely spruce up your home. But selecting the most suitable furniture pieces are also as crucial to create design cohesion. Here are the top furniture pieces for your home this 2020.

Vintage Elegance

This 2020, we’re going to be witnessing more old, vintage furniture pieces. These vintage pieces will undeniably exude elegance in your home interiors.

Curved Furniture

Sectional sofas may still be in this year, but curved furniture items are going to be welcomed this 2020 for their gentle and chic softness. It radiates a more feminine look that will add flexibility to your home.

Organic Beauty

A natural material on furniture doesn’t only comprise of wood. It can be any organic element that has an inherent appeal interconnected with the other furniture materials. Rattan, wicker, and cane are a few examples.

Customized Pieces

Homeowners are now looking into integrating their personality and lifestyle into their homes. That’s why customized furniture items are now making waves this year. After all, it’s more satisfying relaxing on furniture that’s uniquely created for you.


These living room design trends should give you an idea of how to style, decorate, and select furniture pieces for your home. Make sure you adhere to current furniture fashion so as not to make your home seem outdated.

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