New documentary: A perfect 14, plus-size models fighting to reshape the world of fashion

All we see is the lights, glitter, paparazzi, models, celebs, fashion, designers and brands, but what hides behind this picture we see and call fashion; a dark world where women are perceived and forced to be what they are not, a perfect and changeable image of beauty. During my first years as a model I struggled a lot with weight issues and I hated when agency’s told me to lose even more weight. I’m not the only one and happy to see a documentary that stands up for more diversity in the modelling industry.

Models Elly Mayday, Laura Wells and Kerosene Deluxe take the dark side head on in a new documentary called, “A Perfect 14”. These girls aren’t your stereotypical models; they are real women with curves, also considered plus size; women viewed as role models and real models representing the average and very real world women.

The documentary, produced by Canadian filmmakers James Early O’Brien and Giovanna Morales, follows the girls struggle in the industry and how they are striving to make a household name for themselves. Side note we think this is so much better than America’s Next Top Model (sorry Tyra we like to see unscripted and real true tales/struggles in the industry). More importantly the documentary challenges stereotypes and barriers perpetuated by the industry and the media. To catch a sneak peak of the documentary you can CLICK HERE.

So what you do think after watching the trailer or do you have an opinion on real women with curves being presented in the media and society? We would like to think that these women are models, even role models for women across the world, because they look just like us and it is what real beauty is, not something manufactured or idealized.


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    problem is not specific to the industry, but the people who want to be part of this industry …. are girls who fully meet the stereotype of mannequins: the right size, beautiful body and a required body mass, but fatter girls that have a more inappropriate for the podium and a better appetite, but still DREAM WITH ANY PRICE ON THE RUNWAY-
    for those is necessary to change almost everything, starting with the body and health diets, BUT SOMETIMES THEY BODY DO NOT ALLOW THESE SACRIFICES.

    there is no one culprit that these are rules in fashion, if you fail – are your problems

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