Naples & the Amalfi Coast practical tips & information for your holiday

Looking for a vibrant city trip in southern Italy? Then go to Naples! Naples has one airport, Capodichino, which is located six kilometers northeast of the city. The fastest way to travel from Naples Airport to Naples city center is with the Alibus shuttle bus.

Plan your visit to the most famous sights

You will discover the real atmosphere of Naples when you stay in the city for a few days. You can find many hotel deals in Naples via Ebooking. You can easily search for the dates, price and location you want.

Don’t want to spend your time queuing for a ticket to the most famous sights in Naples? Book tickets before your trip for the most famous sights, such as the Royal Palace of Naples, the Museo Archeologico and Napoli Sotterranea, underground Naples. Click here for a handy overview of all the sights in the city that you can book in advance.

The architects of Villa Pignatelli

Villa Pignatelli is one of the best examples of neoclassical architecture in Naples. Neapolitan architect Pietro Valente was appointed in 1826 to design the villa, but Tuscan architect Guglielmo Bechi was responsible for the interior and garden.

The principal was Admiral Ferdinando Acton. For this reason, the villa is often referred to as Villa Acton Pignatelli. Sixty years later, Prince Diego Aragona Pignatelli Cortes bought the complex as a home for himself and his wife, Giulia Cattaneo. You can still see how they lived when you visit Villa Pignatelli.

From Naples to the Amalfi Coast

From Naples you can travel to the famous Amalfi Coast in no time. Some towns are on the sea, such as Positano, Amalfi and Atrani, others look out over the sea from a height, such as Ravello.

The easiest is to rent a car or vespa you can rent a car carefree with which you are always optimally insured. In an hour and twenty minutes you drive from Naples to Ravello, in an hour and a half you reach Amalfi and Positano is just a two hour drive from Naples. A narrow, forty kilometer long, winding road runs between the various towns and villages on the Amalfi Coast. The Strada Statale 163 is not called “the road of a thousand bends” for nothing.

For many Italy lovers, a visit to the world-famous Amalfi is high on the wish list. This colorful town to which the Amalfi Coast owes its name is not to be missed.

When you walk from the harbor to the main square of Amalfi, the Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea immediately catches the eye. This Arab-Norman style cathedral has its origins in the ninth century.

Originally there were two churches, but they were merged in the first decades of the thirteenth century. The Moorish facade with neo-Gothic influences was built by Errico Alvino in the nineteenth century.

Valle delle Ferriere

If you want to leave most of the tourists behind, opt for a walk. Behind Amalfi is a beautiful nature reserve ‘hidden’. I always recommend looking beyond just the town square of Amalfi and the surrounding streets, as there is so much more to see.

By following this route, you can get all the way into the nature reserve, which feels like a fairytale setting. With waterfalls, unique plant and animal species, I would certainly not miss Valle delle Ferriere if you visit the Amalfi Coast

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