My Top 5 favorite faux fur coats

Some people don’t like winter and some love it. I happen to be one of those people that love it because during winter time I can wear my favorite wardrobe piece which is a faux fur coat. It makes any outfit look better, its versatile and more luxurious than any other coat and at the same time it gives you the warmth you need. I made a list of my favorite woman faux fur coat looks from


1) This cheap faux fur jacket is amazing and has a vintage look because of the brown shades that go from light to dark brown. And the best thing you can wear this guilt free and it looks luxurious without you having to spend a fortune. It looks great with just about any color wear it with your favorite black dress or pair it up with some blue jeans and knee high boots.


2) Mescabuy has the best discount faux fur coat you won’t break the bank and the coats look like real fur. If you really need to make a good impression this black and white elegant long coat will do just that.

mink fur coat

3.) Messcabuy has a lot of discount fux fur coat available which is great because instead of having one coat I rather have a couple. Faux is the new chic and a camel mink fur coat can instantly update your outfit.

faux fur coat

4)Even on a rainy winter day you can stay in a good mood. This faux fur coat will brighten up your whole appearance. I would say this coat is a statement piece.


5) Faux fur is great because you don’t have to spend a fortune to look elegant. This fuzzy creamy vest is elegant and you can layer it with your favorite outfit.

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