My top 3 summer floral fashion must haves!

floral fashion

“Get inspired with the top 3 floral fashion pieces, perfect for your summer wardrobe.”

I honestly can’t wait for summer! It’s  my favorite time of the year, maybe because I was born in June? Or just because I love the thought of wearing a nice dress with heels without having to wear layers over layers and dress up like an eskimo. Anyway I made a list of my favorite floral fashion pieces. Why floral? Well to be honest I don’t have a lot of floral prints in my closet. So I really would love to have some this summer. If you are looking for fashion staples or trendy fashion pieces you can’t find anywhere else visit: They are always on the look out for the latest trends, yes that’s where I got my floral fashion inspiration from!

floral print backpack


Floral Print Leather Backpack

I honestly prefer backpacks over handbags they are just easy to carry with you, anything heavy will feel light as a feather. Finding a stylish backpack can be a daunting task, but this floral print backpack makes it a lot easier to look stylish. They are available in 3 colors white, black and pink. My personal favorite for the summer is the white one, elegant and chic at the same time.
floral fashion

Floral Print Dress

I use to love sexy dresses with lots of embelishment, but my style has changed a bit I rather go for a chic and elegant look. Perfect for brunch with friends, (or a day at work). And a musthave for your suitcase if you are planning a nice summer trip!

floral ankle boots, floral fashion

Flower Print Ankle Boots

I like boots but most ankle boots are not considered statement pieces, well these floral ankle boots are! Dark Triad has so many statement pieces to fall in love with. The black, green and pink tones make these shoes a bit more interesting than your usal pair of black heels. I see myself wearing this with a little black dress or with any other simple jet elegant outfit.


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