My top 3 favorite luxury microfibre showercaps by Dilly’s Collections

When you get your hair done you don’t want to mess it up in the shower, you can pull your hair up but the best way to make sure your hair won’t get wet is a showercap. I’m sure you are familiar with the boring plastic showercaps in hotels you can only use them once and yes they look absolutely boring! That’s why I’m so excited to introduce Dilly’s collections, they came up with a collection of chic showercaps with stunning vibrant designs it is made from microfiber, waterproof material and practical for all type of hairstyles. Dilly’s collection has a luxurious and fun line of showercaps that you can use way more often then these plastic showercaps. I included my top 3 favorite designs to make sure your blow outs last longer!


1.) Did you know you can use a showercap to deep condition your  hair with a hairmask? You can try it with this Zigzag showercap it’s cute and I love the design and vibrant colors. Waterproof and made of microfiber makes sure your hair stays dry!

ladybug showercap

2.)  This is such a gorgeous ladybug showercap made from microfiber and satin exterior. I love ladybugs they are one of the few insects that are not creepy but actually cute and red is one of my favorite colors!


3.) Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I’m not suprised cupcakes are so popular right now they are delicious on any occasion. Wear this fun cupcake showercap when you take a shower in the morning for a great start of the day!

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