My top 3 favorite jewelry from Codina Barcelona

What distinguish Jewellery brand Codina from other brands is their bespoke handcrafted methods. Their stunning jewellery is handmade and they use a 25 year old traditional method. Combining new technologies with old ones and precious stones and diamonds you are sure of a jewellery line that leaves a lasting impression. I made a top 3 of my favorite handcrafted pieces.


1) This 18kt yellow gold ring is a masterpiece. It has an upside down diamond and is made with the computer, printed and waxed in metal. If you are looking for something unique you will love this ring.

2) I love bracelets I think they can complete any outfit. This 18 kt gold bracelet is stunning its simple jet it stands out, the leaf design that looks good on every wrist. It is made from natural elements found in the Mediterranean forest.


3)  These statement earrings are colorful and unique. They are constructed from different pieces of traditional Catalan and Arabic classical ceramic. I love the blue, white and orange colors combined. You will definitely stand out with these bold earrings.

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