My top 3 favorite items from Joy Division T shirt, the art of pulsar

Do you remember the band Joy Division? The band 1979 album cover, Unknown Pleasures had a stacked plot of radio signals from a pulsar. The cover image became popular but for most people mysterious where it came from. In the video the cover designer Peter Saville explains it is a frequency of the signal of the first pulsar observed. Astronomers Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish picked up the signal on November 28, 1967  with a ray of telescopes, and the cover designed by Saville is linked to the figure in The Cambridge  Encyclopaedia of Astronomy (1977 edition).

Nowadays its a popular iconic image with endless interpretations in fashion, shoes, tattoos, prints and even phone cases. Check out my favorite items with the mysterious pulsar they have products for men and women.


Add a little red to your wardrobe! This Joy Division t shirt with the “trixel” icon known as a pulsar (pulsating radio star) makes you definitely stand out. I would  say you need a bit of red in this season’s color palette. Combine it with your favorite blue jeans and some sneakers for a casual look.



I’ve been on the hunt for a cool iPhone case to protect from damage, there are a variety of cases and accessories available on the market and this black Iphone case with pulsar is one of my favorite.  The pulsar case is slim and fights tightly on your phone and provides a very solid feel, not to forget the cool print design. An iconic accessory to get through your day!


It’s getting colder so a cup of warm tea or coffee is welcome and what wakes you up better then a cup of coffee in the morning. I think this pulsar printed mug is a creative fun gift for yourself or a loved one. Start your day right with a mug that makes your coffee more tasty!

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