My Little Beauty Secret

foto 1As a model, I am constantly looking for ways to extend my “mileage” in this career.  There was once a time I could go out all night and look fresh face in the morning with little effort but now my skin doesn’t quite recover like it used to.  Most of my friends have started Botox and other invasive cosmetic procedures that I, frankly, am not ready to do.  I noticed that while their wrinkles look less apparent, their natural look is gone too. I wanted to find something more natural but all the creams and lotions I was using was not making the cut.

I noticed a girlfriend of mine, who always looks fabulous year after year and I had to ask her what her secret was.  She recommended Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit by Reviva Labs.  With nothing to lose, I decided to try it out.  I ordered the product right from  I was so excited to try the kit once I received it in the mail.  The kit came with 2 oz. bottle of Skin Energizing Gel, made from 100% Hawaiian seaweed extract and 4 sets of Collagen Fibre contour-cut eye pads that are infused with anti-wrinkle ingredient called Myoxinol. Myoxinol is made from the hibiscus flower.

All I needed to do was apply the skin energizing gel under my eyes and place the collagen fibre contour-cut eye pads over the moistened area under my eye.  I then used a wet towel to gently pat the pad down slowly molding them to my skin.  I kept this on for 15 minutes and removed completely.


I couldn’t believe the difference.  I looked great!  My face looked fresh, my wrinkles were diminished and any signs of bags under my eyes were completely gone.  I couldn’t wait to get to my photo shoot that day to see what my makeup artist would say.  When I showed up on set, my makeup artist commented that she didn’t have much fixing and hiding to do with makeup and even the photographer commented on how great I looked.  The other models wanted to know my tips and as generous as I am, I let them in on my secret.   I told them I used the Collagen-Fibre Eye Pads. I noticed the more I use this product, over time, my wrinkles kept diminishing and the puffiness I use to wake up to is fading away.  I absolutely love this product!

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