MustHave Items For Your Next Vacation

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It’s almost summer time and that means it’s vacation season. We’ve made a list of must-have items to bring no matter where you go. Check out our vacation must-have’s below.


Sunglasses are a must in order to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes during the summer time. UVA rays are a major contributor to sun damage on our skin and fine lines. Pick a pair with UVA protection.

Phone Charger

Don’t forget to bring the phone charger and an adaptor if you’re travelling internationally. You may also want to consider bringing along a power bank along. This will allow you to charge your phone on the road if you’re going to be hiking or exploring the outdoors and won’t be in the vicinity of an electric outlet for a long time.

Pepper Spray

It may be a good idea to pack along pepper spray, especially if you plan on travelling solo or plan on venturing out at night. Pepper Face is a pepper spray for women that is user-friendly as well as fashionable. It has a unique design that allows the user to dispense the product without accidentally spraying themselves.

Double check the region’s local laws before bringing pepper spray along You should be ok if you’re staying within the U.S but keep in mind that laws will be different if you’re travelling internationally. Also, keep in mind that pepper spray is not allowed on carry-on luggage so you’ll need to include it with your check-in luggage.


If you are travelling to a foreign destination you may want to bring along local currency in small denominations. You’ll also want to bring your debit card, credit cards and checkbook. If you feel uncomfortable keeping large sums of money at the hotel while you’re out and about you may want to consider bringing a small safe.

Health Insurance Information

Make sure to bring your health insurance information including your card, member number and health provider contact information. Make sure to research the area you’ll be travelling to and be aware of the location of the nearest emergency medical center.

Destash Your Stash

There’s no need to bring your entire makeup stash. Bring palettes which will allow you to muti-task and create different looks without having to bring tons of products along. You may also want to look into travel-sized items. Now is the perfect time to bring along those small skincare or makeup samples and sachets that you may have been saving. If you plan on bringing along palettes with your carry-on luggage you may want to consider wrapping them with bubble-wrap as it’s easy for powder products to break during travel.

Checking off items to bring along on your next vacation will allow you to stay organized. Last but not least don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

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