Must-Have Colours for Your Spring Displays


As the weather heats up, we explore Pantone’s colour picks for spring 2018.

What’s the first thing people notice when they walk by your newest visual display? Is it a great new product? Or your playful use of structure? Nope. The first thing that hits their eye is colour. A bright pop of red might make them turn their heads, while sunshine yellow could provoke an unconscious smile. Colour is a powerful tool for conveying emotions and ideas, so it pays to never underestimate the impact colour can have on visual merchandising.

Pantone has long been the arbiter of colour taste. Determining the colours that will not only make a splash on the catwalk but in every aspect of our visual lives. So, understanding the latest trends and how to use them effectively is a key part of modern visual merchandising. For 2018, purple reigns supreme in the colour world with shades from palest lavender to regal purple stealing the show. Purple is a great way to bring your window and in-store displays into right now. We have brought together some of the key colour picks from Pantone for spring 2018, below:

PANTONE 18-3838 – Ultra Violet

Not only the hottest colour for spring, Ultra Violet is the Pantone colour of the year. A vivid, blue-based purple, this shade has an other-worldly feel which looks great with ultra-modern designs. Partner it with silver, pale blues and creamy whites for a futuristic finish.

PANTONE 16-5533 – Arcadia

A fresh spring green with a retro feel, Arcadia has a clean finish which is a perfect match for real life greenery. Create a spring visual that feels vibrant and alive with this new take on green. The perfect counter-point for yellow accents.

PANTONE 17-1563 – Cherry Tomato

Sometimes only red will do and Cherry Tomato is an uncompromising red that doesn’t pull its punches. Use it to add splashes of interest and texture alongside neutrals or saturate your display for a red-hot look. This is a colour that really will make displays pop in a crowded store.

PANTONE 14-3207 – Pink Lavender

Another purple hued tone for spring, Pink Lavender is a welcome update on the ubiquitous millennial pink. A soft, romantic shade with rosy undertones, Pink Lavender creates a warm modern vibe that is a good match for delicate creamy shades.

PANTONE 12-2103 – Almost Mauve

When we think of using colour in visual displays we often jump to the bright, eye-catching shades that often steal the scene. But playful use of neutrals can be just as important and impactful when layering a new design. This palest of pink toned purples provides a pleasing complementary base for lavender shades or a warm base for pared back displays.

How do you use colour to bring your displays to life? Find out more about using colour effectively in our recent blog post on the Best Colours for Visual Merchandising. Need a little something extra for your next visual display? Explore our online store or get in touch to discuss a bespoke project.

Main Photo by Gavin Whitner

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