Must-Have Designer iPhone Cases of 2017. Hint: It’s all about French Pastries

iPhone cases, design

Since we are a full month into the New Year, I thought it was appropriate to write about the cutest designer iPhone cases on the market. Let’s face it, nearly all of us are glued to our smartphones. From scanning the headlines on news sites to scrolling through Instagram, much of our free time is spent staring at our phone screen. Since iPhone is the phone of choice among certain people, iPhone manager free for most iPhone users, then what you use to protect it is important as well. Not everyone protects their iPhone in a case; some prefer no protection, but to store it in a leather wallet when not in use. But the majority of people use some sort of a case to protect the back and sides of their iPhone. I have a handful of fashionable friends who have amassed very large collections of designer iPhone cases. Admittedly, iPhone cases are fun to collect since many of the designs are are pops of art. I have a soft spot for interesting designer iPhone cases and have amassed a large collection myself.

A few weeks ago I found myself browsing a designer that creates incredibly unique iPhone cases. I own several from the brand and noticed they have a growing number of fans. I’m often stopped on the street by curious people wanting to know who made my iPhone case. These cases are by PLIA Designs. For those not familiar, PLIA Designs creates an edited range of leather goods and accessories. Their Reid satchel is a staple in my wardrobe. I was drawn to PLIA Designs iPhone cases because of the protection it provides and also the amount of detail that goes into creating each unique illustration. The illustrations on the back of their cases are completely different than anything I’ve seen. They actually remind me of little paintings you’d see in a museum or hanging in a well appointed home. When I reached out to the company, they told me they work with an artist who brings the designers creations to life. The hallmark to PLIA’s iPhone cases are the French pastry designs. Beautiful macarons and French delights such as the St. Honoré are colorfully illustrated in bright colors.

From different social media platforms such as Instagram, you may know that many style stars love to use macarons in their photos. Instagram is going wild for French pastries and it’s easy to see why since they photograph so beautifully. In recent months I’ve seen PLIA’s French pastry iPhone cases showing up on many fashion feeds. In January, Chiara Ferragni posted a selfie with one of her designer iPhone cases by PLIA Designs. It was one of the brands macaron cases and immediately their site sold out. I’ve heard there is a waiting list for several PLIA Designs’ cases. It’s easy to see why a cute iPhone case would be so popular. It doesn’t come with a designer price tag, they don’t take up a lot of space, and the illustrations on the back are exquisite. I guess the fashion cat is out of the bag now that the designer iPhone cases by PLIA Designs are blowing up on social media. 2017 is the year for iPhone accessories to shine in a major way.

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